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A hunt for a different kind of target
Posted by: tvr
Date: November 12, 2017 11:13AM
Got a call that a friend needed to find the cap on his septic tank. He kind of thought he knew about where it might be but had dug several holes and had not found it. The cap has a big iron loop on it to lift it. Sure, sounds like something I could tackle with the F75LTD; deep and very good at iron ID.

This yard is used to host a lot of parties and has a lot of structures added to it (think constructed arches, benches, plant boxes and lots of dropped nails, screws and brackets as things were built). The trash level was as expected, very high. We dug a few groupings of several nails and screws that showed as large target areas. So I changed strategy a bit.

Best thing I did was to bring a three foot long 1/8 inch diameter piece of music wire to use as a ground probe. Any targets or target groupings that looked large, we probed the ground and if the rod went in two feet or more without hitting anything solid, we moved on.

After about an hour of searching, I got a large target with an ID of 57 to 58; pretty consistent one number bounce on the ID and it traced about 5 to 6 inches in size. Not ID'ing in the expected range, it was still a large sized target, so we probed. The wire probe stopped on a solid target about 1 foot down; so we dug. It was the cap that we were looking for.

I was a bit surprised at the target ID of 57 to 58 on an iron lift handle. Not sure if it is the alloy or if it is the ring shape on the lift handle that makes it ID that high. In either case, it was mission accomplished.

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