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F19 and the park
Posted by: StephenA
Date: December 04, 2017 09:05PM
I took my F19 to a park just to play around with it and get an idea how well it worked just general detecting. I set it up like a YouTube video said and proceeded to give it a try. I found several clad coins but their signal was somewhat soft compared to other detectors I have used. Then I hit a nickel and it was like BAM! This thing does ok on pennies, dimes and quarters but nickels and small gold hit extremely hard. I found a 10K kids ring and it sounded exactly like the nickels. One thing I noticed about this machine is how much like a CZ it is except it ignores rusty iron and steel. The weight of it is wonderful! The only thing negative is how soft the other coins hit. quarters were at 83/84 dimes 80/82 and pennies were consistent at 78. The nickels and little ring came in at 54/56.

I will keep this a bit longer as I was always a huge fan of the CZ 7a for finding gold and silver.

Re: F19 and the park
Posted by: D&P-OR
Date: December 04, 2017 09:57PM
Stephen-----Page 3 "Introduction to the F-19" of your F-19 owners manual does a pretty good job of answering your question as to the coin "hits".-----Except for the zinc---the coin #'s you reported are a little lower than I typically get on them & my ground is (for the most part) quite mineralized."-------I've said many times that the F-19/G2+ are not the deepest detectors but in most cases they are quite adequate.---They are so versatile--I love them, even for coin hunting.-----(IMO), I guess the most "negative" thing I could say about the F-19/G2+ is the fact that the disc tones and pinpoint tone are not "lined up" the best---meaning when you have the hunt tones (disc mode tone) set loud enough--the pinpoint tone is too loud (and vice versa).----Use a good set of h.p.'s with them (like Sunray Pro Golds) and you will be fine though.---My hearing isn't the best & I do ok with them.---I just set the audio with the volume controls on each ear cup of the Pro Golds where I need them to hunt with & although the targets reports aren't as pronounced as with some detectors, I find them to be fine.-----And yes, it's normal to get stronger hits/reports with this detector on lower conductor targets.-----------Del

Re: F19 and the park
Posted by: StephenA
Date: December 05, 2017 06:42AM
You pretty well summed up my feelings and observations. Would let me know the settings you generally use in coin hunting.
Thank you,

Re: F19 and the park
Posted by: dfmike
Date: December 05, 2017 10:56AM
Your numbers are somewhat lower than what I get too. I agree with D&P-OR regarding the headphones. They are critical with this detector as the VCO can sound terribly dull with some brands. Also I wrote to Fisher when I got mine thinking that something was broken because the pinpoint sounded so loud compared to the VCO tones and they told me it was normal. The VCO's volume can be controlled but apparently the pinpoint volume is on max all the time and it can't be changed. This is especially annoying when you don't want to use headphones. The pinpoint sound will announce your presence throughout the neighborhood.

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Re: F19 and the park
Posted by: tometusns
Date: December 05, 2017 07:29PM
Gotta love the f19

Re: F19 and the park
Posted by: StephenA
Date: December 06, 2017 06:35AM
Thanks guys, going out this morning to a kids park to play with it some more then on to some older sites.

Good hunting!

Re: F19 and the park
Posted by: markg
Date: December 06, 2017 10:44AM
The F19 is super hot on low conductors and micro jewelry.

Re: F19 and the park
Posted by: Mike Hillis
Date: December 06, 2017 10:59AM
The F19 audio also does a very good job of target sizing too. With a little practice you'll be able to tell when you got something larger than a coin under your coil. You'll be able to walk away from some trash, like buried flatten cans or large chucks of can slaw, or large deep iron falsing without having to dig it up. Also, with a little time you'll find you won't need to use the pinpoint feature at all unless you are using one of those steering wheel size coils.

Good headphones are a real plus as you have already been told. I like the ProStars, and the Koss QZ-99. They do well.


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Re: F19 and the park
Posted by: Digger70pa
Date: December 29, 2017 10:43PM
F19 & G2 are the best relic machines I've ever used. Not bad for coin hunting either. They're modulated audio machines. Meaning the farther the target is from the coil the softer the response will be. The only time I use the pinpoint feture is to size the target. I pinpoint by Xing the target going 360° around it. I've hit way too many things over the years & this works for me. I'm a relic Hunter also & use a 15"coil.

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