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reference books
Posted by: RvTraveler
Date: December 15, 2017 12:14PM
Just got started detecting, and on my first dig found a 1937s penny. Now I'm hooked, so i will need to study up on coins and their value...all suggestions will be appreciated.
I'm using my Fisher f70 11"dd coil in all metal mode at a family's home to help him find all the tools lost over the years by his two boys. No tools found so far, but the coin was the first hit, and first dig.

Re: reference books
Posted by: CoinHunter2
Date: December 15, 2017 02:54PM
If you want to know value of coins, this a good place to look.

Best books I can recomment are:
Posted by: vlad
Date: December 16, 2017 02:26AM
1. Red Book of U.S. Coin Values

2. Photograde (shows each coin in each circulated grade with a written description)

3. Record of American Uniform and Historical Buttons (Albert)

4. Field artillery projectiles of the American Civil War (Dickey & George: Tom is gone, but Pete George will be glad to autograph it)

(If you want to get better at detecting there are many fine books, but you cannot go wrong with those written and published by Charles Garrett) :twodetecting:

coin prices magazine
Posted by: wade tx
Date: December 20, 2017 01:02PM
By monthly f& w publishing very good on current pricing

Re: reference books
Posted by: Ytcoinshooter
Date: December 21, 2017 06:43PM
Don't get too excited by red book prices. The red book is a nice source of information and I like the way it's organized, especially the large format version for tired eyes. The Bluebook is a more realistic value guide. Think red book = retail, bluebook is a guide to dealer buying prices. I never pay full red book when I've bought coins either. Dug coins are another matter to learn about and you cannot assume the published book values are the final word, with some exceptions for the most sought after keys and still most dealers buy them 50% of redbook unless they have a client with that coin(s) on a want list. A nice reference library that includes the suggeted titles above by vlad and volumes on exonumia like tokens, "good fors", maybe a references on premiums like radio and cereal giveaways. It can be amazing how much you learn from the stuff you unearth or scoop.
Coins and exonumia were my main thing before I started detecting in 1986 so my 2ยข is now posted :bouncy:
Good luck on your detecting!

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