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Tone on steel penny
Posted by: Ronk
Date: December 23, 2017 02:00AM
Will the F75 give a iron tone on a 1943 steel penny or is it 100% steel? Is it rejected with any discrimination?


Its a zinc plated steel alloy
Posted by: vlad
Date: December 23, 2017 04:02AM
...the zinc does wear off easy because it's thin (but people have been known to replate them.) Because of it being a round alloy it may register different ways; corrosion, moisture and ground matrix matter too.
I was using a Tek Mk 1 (iron disc/concentric loop) and dug a coin spill of 11 bronze Wheaties; while checking the hole to locate them the unit nulled. This occurred in the ground balance all metal mode also;
during the recovery I dug a penny sized rusty disc about twice as thick as a penny that was black, red, and had converted to a high degree to mineral. It had to be a zinc penny, but if it had not been mixed in would never have been hit. ( a magnet would still pick it up) This is SW Louisiana with a high amount of moisture, low mineral. Out west where its dry, (can be alkaline too) everything may be
much different.
(Mode will make a difference: A TR -disc will knock one out; a PI will pick one up, and a BFO will pick one up on the mineral side, if rusty like this. If you have used motion units, and hit bottlecaps/washers, the loop will make a big difference in how it reads and where it i.d.'s, DD vs concentric) I honestly do not recall how one (not rusted) responds in the air.
Finding this one was pure chance and its the only one in over 40 years. I'm sure they probably litter many sites, but...:shrug:

Re: Its a zinc plated steel alloy
Posted by: REVIER
Date: December 23, 2017 05:32AM
I dug a totally rusted one, or I believe it was a steel cent, anyway, back in Kansas with my F70 and that one had a lot of iron numbers on many passes but also some high tones in there which is what made me go after it.
Not exactly a real high tone but more like normal high iron falsing but there was a lot of that in this one.
I also dug one here recently that was also just a heavily rusted disc and that one was pure iron.
Back here in Alabama with bad soil depth is marginal but for some reason the clay here seems to protect steel cents somewhat and prevents a lot of heavy rusting in some unique areas.
On one hunt using an F2 in a small park with those special conditions that used to have a bunch of old houses I dug three of these unusual occurrence for sure.
These three were totally crusted with concrete hard clay I couldn't rub off in the field but that coating was not exactly rust, per se.
I was curious because I found a ton of clad that day but these three all came in at a weird area and numbers between 76-78, solid.
The F2 has similar numbers to the higher end Fisher units where copper cents are usually about 72, dimes around 74-75 and quarters are 82.
These three confused me coming in between a dime and a quarter signal even though they were one cent coin size...I never came across this before but I still suspected they were copper wheats just with that unusual amount of crust adhering to them.
I threw them in my tumbler to knock off that crusty coating and when they came out I realized why they were so high because I could see the date and they were all 1943's.

So a rusted one low, a steel cent in good condition with little rust high.

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Interesting to say the least.
Posted by: vlad
Date: December 23, 2017 06:27AM
Were you using a DD coil? My Mk-1 at iron disc went silent with the 10" wafer loop.
My F-75 reads bottlecaps as quarter with the 7X11; but stat will identify them correctly.
(loop om far left, photo courtesy of "Old California")

Re: Its a zinc plated steel alloy
Posted by: mcuch
Date: December 23, 2017 09:31AM
Vlad, what part of SW Louisiana you located? I'm in St Landry Parish just outside of Lafayette

Lake Charles
Posted by: vlad
Date: December 23, 2017 09:47AM
go to Lafayette on occasion .

The 10" elliptical is deeper, quieter and i.d. is more accurate; its much better on iron too.

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Re: Lake Charles
Posted by: mcuch
Date: December 23, 2017 09:53AM
Lake Charles should have interesting finds, lots of history over your way

Re: Lake Charles
Posted by: still looking 52
Date: December 23, 2017 12:34PM
Best thing to do is go to a pawn shop pick up a steel penny for a couple bucks and test it. Way back in the day we used to get them in change every once and awhile but those days are gone.

Re: Tone on steel penny
Posted by: Welgund
Date: December 23, 2017 04:19PM
I recently dug a steel cent at least I'm pretty sure it's a steel penny because I got it in the same hole as a 1944 wheat cent. It's entirely crusted and the same size as a penny and reads iron on the f75. It also sticks to a magnet. Probably only found it because it was the first item I saw when o opened the plug. Decided it wasn't the item I was adter, rescan med the hole and found the wheat cent.

Re: Tone on steel penny
Posted by: 2 Much Trash
Date: December 28, 2017 07:02AM
I have a non circulated steel penny. It sounds and reads as iron on my T2

Re: Tone on steel penny
Posted by: Digger70pa
Date: January 04, 2018 04:54PM
FT machines love round things.... Some may sound better than others like silver the best iron the worst but they'll give a hight tone on round objects lol.

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