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gold - Gold - GOLD.! and some tips on how to find more :detecting:
Posted by: LW Steve
Date: December 28, 2018 04:24PM
Here are my gold finds from the year 2000 (one of my best years ever)
platinum band on the far right
front row is a 1950's young mans 10K tiger eye ring (trojan head)
front row left is a 10 gram 18K Chinese ring

These I found water hunting in lakes...
However if you don't water hunt and live near lakes you can find some too.
Swimmers often lose their rings when they are just getting out of the water and walking back to their beach towels.
You will find rings in only 1" of water right next to the lakes sandy edge.
Inexperienced Water Hunters will sometimes forget to go over these areas with their lake detectors.
But you as a land hunter now know this and are ready to claim jump the water hunters beach! :detecting: :thumbup:
Even in the middle of winter I want you guys hunting the edges of these sandy lake beaches in all metal... the Gold can be easily missed.!
You might want to invest in a cheap long handled sand scoop as one gold ring will pay for it.
Do your lake research now while the weather is bad outside.
Then when summer gets here go for the Gold down at the lake beach.! :cheers:
Another tip... Most gold rings are lost by the swimmers in early summer when the lake water is at its coldest.

Then you too can be a member of the Fisher Fort Knox Team.! :lol:


LW Steve

Re: gold - Gold - GOLD.! and some tips on how to find more :detecting:
Posted by: Jeff Harris
Date: December 28, 2018 04:57PM
White's Spectrum XLT...Best Nickel Machine Ever! Nice Au & Pt LWS. :clap:

Re: gold - Gold - GOLD.! and some tips on how to find more :detecting:
Posted by: LW Steve
Date: December 29, 2018 03:06PM
Here is a little trick for land hunters that I learned about 25 years ago...

Most gold rings lost will read out as foil.

There is a way to tell the difference sometimes between a piece of foil and a small gold ring without digging up the target using a concentric coil.

I dig all my foil signals and would not trust this method but you guys can try it to see if it works or conduct some tests yourself.

First off when you guys are hunting for small gold rings you have to be using small coils... 8" or smaller. (I prefer the 7" concentric coils)

When you come to a foil signal (which are usually close to the surface) then you will raise your concentric coil a little bit off the surface till you are still picking up the signal.

Then you will move your coil quickly back and forth several times in a vigorous motion over the top of the foil target.

If the signal "cuts out" then it is trash..... If the signal does not "cut out" then dig it as it could be a small gold ring.

Like I said... I would not trust this method to save time while hunting because foil signals are not that popular anyways. (tab signals are a lot more abundant)


LW Steve

Re: gold - Gold - GOLD.! and some tips on how to find more :detecting:
Posted by: dfmike
Date: December 29, 2018 04:29PM
Wow, that's quite a haul. I second the suggestion of a long handled sand scoop. I bought one last year and I would never ever hunt a beach again without it. I spent 3 years digging in the sand with a small shovel and it's a complete waste of precious time. Also, the shovel increases the chance of damaging the target.

I wouldn't trust the foil trick myself. I systematically dig all foil signals in search of gold. I will on occasion forgo the small foil range (first numbers after iron) when trash is hard to handle and I need to move.

Active detectors and accessories: Fisher F19 LTD on Mars universal shaft, F19 on original shaft, Nokta Fors CoRe, Whites MX7, Makro and Nokta pointers. Killer B's and Jolly Rogers headphones and assorted coils.
Previous detectors in order of acquisition: Bounty Hunter Discovery, Fisher F44, Fisher F5, Omega 8000 V6, Minelab X-Terra 705

Re: gold - Gold - GOLD.! and some tips on how to find more :detecting:
Posted by: LW Steve
Date: December 30, 2018 03:07AM
Soccer Fields - Baseball Fields - Athletic Parks where adults hang out and throw frisbees...
Or parks where adults are always having community events going on with tables put out on the grass and the adults are moving about...

These are good places to find gold chains and odd shaped gold ear rings in the grass.

You will need a small coil in order to find these in discrimination mode.
The 7" concentric coil for the F44 will detect these small gold items in discrimination mode.
But they will be nothing but "foil blips" on your radar screen.
If you are hunting to fast you will miss them.
Leave your 10" & 11" tear drop coils in your vehicles when hunting for small gold items in grassy parks. ( rings - chains - ear rings )
A 5" DD coil would work great for locating newly lost gold items in parks and your ground coverage would not be that bad.
I used a 5" concentric coil for many years on my CZ-5 & CZ-6a just so that I could hunt all day without my arm getting tired. (this was in the early 1990's)
At the end of the day over 300 coins every time out with silver every day and some days I would find gold.

Large 10" & 11" Coils = Deep Silver Coins
Small 7" & 5" Coils = Small Gold Items & More goodies in the trashy areas
8" round coils are your do everything well type coil


LW Steve

Re: gold - Gold - GOLD.! and some tips on how to find more :detecting:
Posted by: LW Steve
Date: December 30, 2018 08:38AM
Jeff Harris aka The Nickel Professor is in the house....

Dig those nickel signals you guys as they could be Silver War Nickels. :smoke:

Your Fun Fact for the day... Two Silver War Nickels contain more silver than a silver dime.

As if you guys really cared right? :lol:

Me and the F44 are going hunting.... BYE :biggrin:


LW Steve