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F44 & 7" coil in widescan all metal ( what a sweet detector! )
Posted by: LW Steve
Date: December 31, 2018 10:38AM
I got out yesterday morning to hunt these baseball athletic fields with the F44 & 7" coil.

I hunted them in the widescan all metal mode.

The F44 will I.D. targets in all metal and with the 7" coil the I.D. meter is very accurate.

With that 7" coil and in all metal, the F44 will detect very tiny targets.

I would take it nugget hunting anytime... and when I came to a small piece of iron wire the I.D. meter would let me know.

All though I found no gold yesterday, it won't be long till the gold chains and diamond stud ear rings end up in my top shirt pocket. :smoke:

That F44 is one sweet detector! :thumbup:

LW Steve

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