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Hit my 25,000 Milestone
Posted by: jimmyk
Date: December 31, 2018 10:53PM
Hi, all:

Started detecting in 1979 and have kept meticulous records of my coin totals. A year and a half ago I had some health issues and decided my detecting days were over. I ended up with open heart surgery to have one bypass and a heart valve replaced. After four months of rehab and a continuous exercise program, I decided to give it a go again. I bought a used F 75 about four weeks ago and set off to accomplish a goal of finding my 25,000th coin. I was 134 coins short and this month I found 335 coins at my local park and school. I found three one dollar coins, five wheat pennies and two mercury dimes. I was happy to achieve my 25K goal,. Especially, considering I prefer relic hunting here in Missouri. I've found over 9100 civil war bullets over my many years of hunting.

It's nice to be back hunting, although at 74 years old, I don't have the stamina I used to have. Hope to be able to post more finds in the future.

Thanks for lookin' and keep on diggin'

jimmyk in Missouri

Re: Hit my 25,000 Milestone
Posted by: Snap On Man
Date: January 01, 2019 12:06AM
Glad your back and keep reporting in.

Re: Hit my 25,000 Milestone
Posted by: foxhunter
Date: January 01, 2019 01:24AM
Man that's great. Hope you have many more years digging

Re: Hit my 25,000 Milestone
Posted by: jim tn
Date: January 01, 2019 05:23AM
Congratulations jimmy. Glad you were able to get back in the game. I am 78 and know this great hobby has gone a long ways in keeping me active. I still hunt 4 or so hours every day. 25,000 alone is a lot of knee bends. Good luck. HH jim tn

Re: Hit my 25,000 Milestone
Posted by: doc holiday232
Date: January 01, 2019 08:07AM
Continued good luck to you.

Re: Hit my 25,000 Milestone
Posted by: okdirtfisher64
Date: January 03, 2019 04:40AM
Congrats on the achievement of reaching the goal!!! Here’s to hoping you can compound it by many more.

Re: Hit my 25,000 Milestone
Posted by: still looking 52
Date: January 03, 2019 02:42PM
That's well over 600 coins a year, way more than I'm finding, nice work.

Re: Hit my 25,000 Milestone
Posted by: miserman
Date: January 04, 2019 06:52PM
I started hunting in 1982 and I'm 66 this year. I have never kept track of the clad but I have kept track of everything else such as Wheats, old nickels,silvers etc. Record keeping is one of the aspects of detecting that makes the hobby even more enjoyable for me. I keep records on daily finds as well as monthly and yearly. Trying to beat one of my records helps to keep me motivated. Finding an old coin never gets tiresome and as the oldies become more scarce the thrill seems to increase. Congratulations on the 25,000 milestone hope you find many more.

Re: Hit my 25,000 Milestone
Posted by: u2robert
Date: February 04, 2019 10:15PM
Way to go Jimmy. God Bless

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