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? for JBird ?
Posted by: SharkHunter
Date: June 08, 2005 08:42PM
I have the opportunity to hunt an area with really HOT GROUND. Will the IIba work in that type of soil with the small coil?

Re: ? for JBird ?
Posted by: Jbird
Date: June 10, 2005 05:00PM
I have never hunted with the IIba. I use the IIb and since I started using the Nautilus, I have only hunted mostly the very mild ground here in central Texas. I did run into some mineralized stuff north of here along the LLano River but it wasnt too bad, wasnt a problem as long as I stayed on top of my ground balance adjustment as the ground changed on me.

HOT ground means different things to different hunters it seems. Is it HOT with positive minerals like salt or alkali or is it considered HOT because of having a lot of the negative iron based minerals? I usually assume that most people mean iron minerals when they call the ground hot.

The IIba does not have the manually adjustable sensitivity controls like the IIB and that would be a mark against the IIba for hunting bad ground as it is often necessary to decrease sensitivity to compensate for bad ground conditions. But you still have the coil voltage adjustment and you may be able to lower coil voltage low enough to keep the IIba stable in the bad ground. Going to a smaller coil would eliminate some of the effect of ground minerals also as well as being careful with coil technique. A slower coil sweep than normal in the bad ground and carefully maintaining coil to ground heighth and constantly monitoring and maintaining ground balance. All these things become more important in bad ground hunting. Way back in the mid 90's of the last century I moved from Louisiana to Arizona. I took my highly tuned and patented Louisiana ground hunting techniques with me and boy was I surprised to learn that that didnt work in Arizona dirt. I had to change from that Cajun tango coil swing down to a slow and careful Arizona shuffle.

Some detectors are better for bad ground than others of course but many times when I hear someone say a certain detector wont handle bad ground, I have known someone else that does fine in the same bad ground with the same detector. Bad ground just requires more careful hunting techniques. My advise is to Give it your best shot and let the rest of us know what you learn about the IIba and bad ground. Im betting you can make it work good for you.

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