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Years back, Jerry made a prototype T.I.D.
Posted by: vlad
Date: January 10, 2014 03:16PM
As he told me he had spent a lot of work and time. He never stated specifically, and I never got any impression if it was based
on a current model, or something new from the ground up. He was not happy with that result, but it was high powered and analog. Between
12 and 15 were made and given out to friends. Anyone have any knowledge of these detectors?
He also mentioned there was, not sure how to word this, plenty of phase in one filter handling ground mineral content, and also
work as a non motion discriminator.
He was working on things, but someone else took over and his efforts were not continued, obviously.

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Re: Years back, Jerry made a prototype T.I.D.
Posted by: SWMO Mark
Date: January 10, 2014 04:33PM
I had a friend who was a Nautilus dealer in Springfield MO. He has since passed away. He received a DMC 2 that had target ID and a DMC4 that was a 4khz machine at the same time. I checked out the ID machine and wasn't real impressed with its depth, so I bought the 4khz. I bought the 4khz because of the bad mineralization in my area, hopeing for better depth. Which it had. My friend sent the ID machine back to Jerry. Now I wish I would have kept the ID machine. It would be interesting to know how it would have done as a coin hunting machine. These were built a few years before the DMC 2b came out. Sorry I don't have anymore imformation. Mark

Re: Years back, Jerry made a prototype T.I.D.
Posted by: jtalley007
Date: January 14, 2014 07:31PM
Back then I was close to Jerry and would visit and talk with him from time to time. He was studying some other machine like the big bud pro and think that is what he was trying to do from what I can remember? I lent them a Teknetics S/T to study and a Mark One as well.

They were talking about making a turn on and go machine, light and simple but that never happened either.

I tried for years to get them to put their great machine on a setup like the White's and it was only after someone that knew them well started doing it himself as a dealer in VA I believe.

That made a great machine so much more comfortable and necessary for us old timers.

Jerry was and is a great man, Steve is a nice buy and sad when health issues disrupt your dreams and goals.

I think their right hand man Don had some health problems too, not sure but they were always great guys and sad to hear things are not going well,


Re: Years back, Jerry made a prototype T.I.D.
Posted by: WIN12MAN
Date: January 16, 2014 12:21AM
Knew Jerry & his wife ... talked with them many times on the phone ... owned his ''D.M.C-2'' great unit .. great times back in ''the day ''..


Re: Years back, Jerry made a prototype T.I.D.
Posted by: alsgas
Date: January 27, 2016 10:05PM
I just registered here on the forum today and reading--Because nautilus is gone I'm trying to decide on a new machine--every brand is 'the best' so it's not easy-as for tyndall--about close 40 years ago-whenever the nautilus came out they had 2 machines-the Lf and the Mf-I was the only one in my town (Fredericksburg va) with theLf--it had a plywood head and serial # 17--wish I still had it--seriously it would di as deep as any nautilus I ever owned.I have tried every one made and still have a dmc 1 with (1986) owners manua I bought new. l. It has gotten 'weak' and noisy but was a good machine. As for Jerry Tyndall he sent me a wiring diagram of that original LF model -who knows where it is but just saying he was a good man-how many people would give you their wiring diagram he worked so hard to design? . As of today I bought one of the 'prototype models-however we just got close to 2 feet of snow--just blabbing bought thought nautilus owners might be bored and hear a war story--

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