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Posted by: ThunderDome
Date: December 13, 2014 12:19PM
Can someone explain the differences between the DMC II and the DMC IIB and tell me which one in your opinion is the better of the two, and also the deepest. I currently own a DMC IIBa, but information is so hard to find these days, its hard to do a comparison unless you have actually hunted with them. Seems like everyone these days are getting rid of their old Nautilus machines in favor of the latest and greatest machines on the market, I myself prefer the Nautilus and plan on buying another for my collection. Can someone shed some light on this subject please. Thanks

Posted by: bigchuckinva
Date: December 13, 2014 01:54PM
It simple, the DMC2B will more power to put in ground to adjustable Transmit Power, . once you adjust power setting above 25 on you putting more power to coil to hit deeper items than older DMC2. The DMC2 I hunted with many years and found lots relic with, you cant go wrong with DMC2B,. You need use and learn R/C adjustment to balance coil vs DMC2b or DMC2BA . and in long ran DMC2B are more touch on have good coil balanced due high power to coil. I hope help. Chuck

Posted by: virginia digger
Date: December 14, 2014 06:26AM
The 2B is just like your your 2Ba. However, as Chuck has stated, it has adjustable coil balance. Other than that it is the same machine. Some folks say the 2B is slightly deeper but I can't say that. I own both and each are very similar in depth. With the 2Ba just hit the coil reset button and you are done. My only advise is try and find a unit built by Jerry Tyndall. They are older but the build quality far exceedes the later units that Stephen built. Stephen admitted to me he had a hard time finding the right kind of epoxy for the heads. That was only one of his quality issues. I picked up an old 2B several yearsf ago from the original owner.This was a unit that Jerry had built. It has never been sent back to the factory for anything. It has the thick coil which seems to be issue free. Remember, Nautilus is still the deepest machine built !!! I like to say they are the Harley Davidson's of the metal detector world. They are old in their technology and don't have all the latest bells but it's a detector a serious relic hunter would never part with.......hope this helps !!!

2 differences in 2b vs 2ba
Posted by: jtalley007
Date: December 14, 2014 09:06AM
First and foremost, the 2ba has all metal and discrimination sensitivity at pre set which is fine for most people and conditions. In good soil open woods low trash I always ran all metal up to 5 or 6 so I could get 1-2" deeper on those faintest targets that the pre set sensitivity won't get. You scalp the ground 2", if target gets louder but no beep, probably iron but if you get even a blip, dig more. Then you will know good or bad.
Second but important advantage of 2b is you can tell if your coil is going out or already there. 2ba, you only know when you push the button and it won't balance.
I always thought the best of both worlds would have been leave the 2b sensitivity knobs but add the push button coil balance so you did not have R & C controls to get bumped. Jerry Tyndal also told me you can get more accurate balance manually. The ultimate would be 10 turn pots on R & C so you could easily fine tune coil balance. That is what the aqua-sound has.

Posted by: Harold,ILL.
Date: December 16, 2014 03:24PM
Hey Jerry, With the ALL Metal Sens. at 5-6 do you still get that soft Disc. only tone on deep coins? I had a IIB for a short while. But I had a IIBa for almost 2 years as my only detector so I knew it a lot better. Also do the older thicker coils stay in balance a lot longer or maybe never need balancing? Thanks.

Posted by: jtalley007
Date: December 16, 2014 07:52PM
Wish I could say but have never coin hunted with Nautilus. On 2b if you set sensitivity on pre set which I believe is 9 disc and 3 all metal they are equal in depth in air. Ground will generally reduce discrimination depth, especially as minerals increase. I think you will always get the modulated audio (deeper = softer on Nautilus)

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