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Virginia or North Caroline Nautilus Users
Posted by: Indian Steve
Date: December 24, 2014 05:47PM
Howdy All, Are there any Nautilus owners in North Carolina or Virginia within 75 miles or so of Martinsville Va that could give me some hands on advice. I just got a DMC 2 and am ready to dig deep. I can come to you or take you to my sites. Thanks Steve

Re: Virginia or North Caroline Nautilus Users
Posted by: ncwayne
Date: December 26, 2014 07:19AM
Hey Steve,
Welcome to the forum. I'm in Greensboro, NC area and started detecting 30 plus years ago with a Nautilus. Only got back into detecting a couple years ago and have a Nautilus DMC II that doesn't see much use, but I do want to use it some.
I tried private messaging you but could not. Perhaps you can pm me with your contact info, i.e., email, phone; then I can get back to you. I figure we are close enough to get together some if we have similar interests. Look forward to hearing from you.

Pleasant Garden, NC
AT Max, Nokta Impact, MX Sport, Nokta FORS Relic, Explorer XS, Racer, F75SE, XP Deus, Nautilus DMC II (order of acquisition, last to first)
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After 35 years, I do remember how to detect. What I don't remember is getting back up on my feet being so hard.

or, getting out of bed the next day, living on Advil, etc. lol
Posted by: jtalley007
Date: December 26, 2014 10:44AM
Happy Hunting

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