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Posted by: jtalley007
Date: January 18, 2015 01:32PM
After much contemplation I have decided to only balance coils from the outside for two reasons.

So my new price will be $65.00 plus shipping and should be a one week turn around time maybe less depending on how busy I get?

1st, it is way too time consuming to cut them open which means I have to charge too much to make it feasible for guys to get them fixed.

It also makes the turn around time way, way, way longer.

After much frustration I learned why opening them to balance them is so difficult.

The newer shielding material they used is actually conductive so you can have a coil opened up and perfectly balanced.

Put the bottom on and it goes out again. Almost lost my mind until a Genius friend of mine that repairs Bigfoot coils told me why.

This same issue probably drove Karbowski who made the Bigfoot loops to drinking and stressed to death?

I hope the new price will be well received and can help some guys keep the Nautilus dream alive.

I will try it at that price and if all goes well that will be it.

Posted by: oneton
Date: January 18, 2015 11:22PM
When are you going to start accepting coils and how do I know if my coils need to see the doctor. It does air test good. Is this like every couple years it will need to be done. I have the 10.5 old style. I may be looking for 8 inch soon.

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