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It worked for me
Posted by: ThunderDome
Date: April 13, 2017 09:42AM
Just a little food for thought here. I took my trust DMC2B out for a little hunt yesterday. So I get there and go to set it up and bam, couldn't get the R and C to balance no matter what I did, tried 3 different coils, nothing worked. Couldn't even get a ground balance. Frustrated, I left and went home wondering what in the heck was wrong. Got home and put another set of batteries in it and still the same. Even after I tried my best to get the R and C set, it was beeping like crazy to the point that it was useless. Was thinking at that time that this old girl was finally dying on me. Then I remembered an old man telling me one time that his did this same thing and he said he was told that sometimes the components inside get dusty over time and all he had to do was remove the box cover and spray everything down with electrical circuit board cleaner and let it dry and put it back together. Well, I figured that I did not have anything to lose so I went to radio shack and bought a can of the circuit board cleaner and took it apart and probably went overboard, but sprayed everything inside including the pots for the R and C controllers, there are small holes that allow it to get in there so while I sprayed them I was turning them back and forth to make sure the contacts got good and cleaned. To make a long story short, after drying a couple of hours, I put it back together and went thru the setup process and it works like brand new. I am so thankful that I happened to take the time a few years ago to listen to what this old timer was telling me. Now I am going out again, this time she will not let me down. HH, Bill

By the way, it is running quieter than I have ever heard and I know she is working as I hit my test garden and it is still deeper than ever.

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Re: It worked for me
Posted by: bigchuckinva
Date: April 13, 2017 09:48PM
When not using your DMC2B for prolong time the R/C control in pods /contacts with build up dirt and act as a "close circuit' and if yet not used for prolong time. Jerry Tyndall and myself talk about this matter years ago after DMC2B hit market. It best to turn unit on monthly or long term storage. If not used on a normal basis and rotate not only the R/C controls but all controls 5- 10 times Start/ End position to keep contact clean monthly . It best not to spay any cleaner on DMC2B due high voltage on PC Board ect I hade same issue and had Wayne Lee replace both R/C control on my other 2 DMC2B. Hope Info Help . Chuck

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