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Newbie Question...Dual Sounds to both ears?
Posted by: RBnGA
Date: November 15, 2005 01:42PM
Thinking about trying a DMC-IIBa. Reading all info I can find. Now for my question--Discriminate sound in one ear and all metal in the other...Do you get used to this over time? Any info would be appreciated.
General Wheeler

Re: Newbie Question...Dual Sounds to both ears?
Posted by: Bugar In. USA
Date: November 15, 2005 03:23PM
:usaflag:You get dual sounds in both ears when headphones are in mono,///// when in stereo, low pitch one ear, hi in the other, it is actually real nice, and easy to get used to.:detecting::thumbup::usmc:

Re: Newbie Question...Dual Sounds to both ears?
Posted by: Ralph Bryant
Date: November 15, 2005 06:22PM
The dual mode tones in each ear between the discrimination and all-metal sides is one of the greatest advantages of the Nautilus. You can quickly learn to determine deeper good targets by listening for faint all-metal signals combined with a discrimination side "beep", another way of "surface blanking" shallower trash. You guys just starting with the Nautilus machines just remember that you are basically operating two machines at the same time......all-metal on the right and discrimination on the left. The machines are set up that way on the box controls, and it is easier for most to follow suit in the headphones, AM in the right ear, DISC in the left. As you learn to set up one side at a time, everything will fall into place as you get used to running both modes at the same time. The Nautilus can give you worlds of target information that just isn't possible in many other non-I.D. detectors on the market, and many who have used them for awhile have little trouble using nothing more than the combined target signal information as "audible I.D.". The Nautilus is a whole new ballgame for those who are used to single mode machines, but once everything clicks as far as tuning setup and operation, there is not much that will match its capabilities.

And it ain't just a "relic machine" either........ this older pic from the first few weeks with the IIb hitting some previously "pounded" areas around old schools and churches.


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