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A true relic Hunter has passed
Posted by: 2 Much Trash
Date: November 19, 2017 05:26PM
Gene Cooley passed away last week. I believe he was 93 or 94. I had the pleasure of relic hunting with him several times these last two years. My first ever relic hunt was with him
almost 45 years ago. He was a Nautilus man then and a Nautilus man when he died. Found enough Civil War relics to fill a museum. I remember him coming out of the woods with a pouch full of relics and still complaining about there being "too much trash". Hence my user name. Gonna miss that ole boy. He was a heck of a good guy. He left me and countless others in this neck of the woods with a lot of good memories.

Re: A true relic Hunter has passed
Posted by: bigchuckinva
Date: November 19, 2017 06:24PM
RIP to your close friend and being a Loyal Nautilus users. Each year we lose some of the first Relic Hunters that to hunt with Nautilus Machine!!!!!!!!! My father whom very ill be still alive dug tons with Nautilus , and I myself still use Nautilus DMC2b. Chuck

Re: A true relic Hunter has passed
Posted by: filternozzle
Date: November 21, 2017 03:15PM
Always sad to hear of another passing on. Sounds like Gene Cooley was a real character and a true Nautilus man. His memory will live on through those who knew him...

Happy Hunting
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