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Took the Nautilus plunge today
Posted by: jimbea
Date: December 05, 2005 06:08PM
Ordered a 2b. Can't wait to swing it and dig deep!

Any tips for me?


Well= It's this way
Posted by: Bugar In. USA
Date: December 06, 2005 07:45AM
Iv'e only had mine a short while, can't hunt for a while, very cold outside 4 deg, and i just had heart surgery, had a few short hunts, I TELL YOU======DEEEEEEEEP is the word, don't even mess with a trowel, take a spade and plan on diggin even deeper, i thought they were pullin my chain, cause i have had and still have a very good-deep detector or two, but the Nautilus is another category, and if you want, it will tell you everything that is in the ground, There's a guy goes by the name of Jbird has bout 12 pages of hints? that are good, its somewhere on a forum called metal detecting equipment linked to a german website=very good stuff, soons you look at it you will know ===THIS IS THE REAL THING/ good luck/ happy hunting:detecting::detecting::detecting::usmc::usaflag:

Try this site
Posted by: David(AL.)
Date: December 07, 2005 06:30PM
Bugar is that the one?
Posted by: David(AL.)
Date: December 07, 2005 06:33PM

Thats the one
Posted by: Bugar In. USA
Date: December 08, 2005 07:41AM
Bout coins and jewelry, DMC's, print it out and keep it handy, it's a gooder:detecting::usmc::usaflag:

Re: Thats the one
Posted by: Jbird
Date: December 08, 2005 02:08PM
I was "burnt" out after writing all that stuff. I know it needs editing and some corrections made but I just aint got the energy it seems. I probably had more fun trying to learn to use the Nautilus than any other machine I have used. I was fortunate in that I was taught some detecting methods by some old timers who had learned to detect back in the olden days by listening to the sounds of targets. But for many years now, most detectors on the market have just given us a discrimination beep and an all metal mode of dubious character. Many of us have never been taught to use an all metal mode for anything but pinpointing and lots of us dont even use it for that as the slow motion discriminators pinpoint well in the discrimination mode. Using the all metal mode "sounds" to help identify targets was a lost art or else one never learned. This may make the Nautilus a little difficult to learn at first because to many of us the all metal mode sounds were just a noise to be used occassionally for pinpointing. I hope you all have as much fun as I did learning to make full use of the Nautilus Dual Mode system of detecting. Dont think you have to fully understand those all metal sounds all at once. It is definitely a learned art and difficult to put into words and explain to someone. My advise to a Naughty Newbie is to start out using the Naughty as primarily a standard discriminator with the all metal sounds thrown in as an added background sound that you will gradually learn to associate with various type targets. Here is the paragraph that describes a good way to start out with the Naughty................A good way to familarize yourself with the Nautilus as a coin hunter is to adjust the discrimination mode up to where you will get the high tone only on coins. Turning the Discriminator all the way up to 100 on my machine drops out everything from zincs and screwcaps and below, leaving only copper pennies, dimes and quarters. Most silver jewelry can still hit also. Discrimination sensitivity at 9 (experiment with lower settings) and all metal at 3 or just slightly lower. Get familiar with the sounds you get from all metal mode at the same time you get a coin hit in the discrimination mode. Later, you will recognize these dual mode sounds for coins when you decide to lower discrimination. Once you are familar with those sounds, drop your discrimination down to accept the zincs and screwcaps and practice listening to the zinc penny sounds. The next step is to drop discrimination down low enough to accept square tabs but still discriminate ring tabs. Square tabs and pennies hit very similar but with practice you can learn the difference. Then drop your discriminator all the way down to 30, well below the nickel reading (approximately 40) to practice listening to the ringtabs and trying to distinguish the sounds of the nickels and other coins. Dig everything that sounds good or "iffy", study your results and your trash to treasure ratio will improve. There are lots of good coin and jewelry targets lurking in that aluminum trash area that most other hunters have just discriminated or "notched" out and it will surprise you the degree of accuracy you can reach by just listening to the audio of each target. Dont burn yourself out while learning. You can always kick the discrimination back up like most people do and just skim for the better coins. But while hunting at these higher settings, learn to concentrate on the sound of the all metal mode. You are going to get the high tone discriminate sound anyway and you cant miss that high tone beep so learn to concentrate on the sounds from your all metal mode. Throw a nickel on the ground and listen to its sound from the right ear phone, the all metal mode. Dig all nickel sounding targets from the all metal mode side as there is some good stuff in that range. You can do this even as the discrimination side is beeping away only on Quarters, Dimes, and Pennies. Practice listening to the all metal sounds of good and bad targets. While hunting for coins with the discrimination side, you can still hunt for the better sounds from the all metal mode. I once dug 30 "nickel" sounding targets from the all metal side while hunting coins from the discriminaiton side. I only got one nickel but when I ran those 30 nickel sounding items past the coil of an IDX Pro, about 15 of them would have been recognized as a nickel by that machine or flirted with the nickel reading These were items like galvanized fence staples, beaver tails, 22 bullet (unfired), metal guitar finger picks, etc. No jewelry items that particular experiment, but since then, I have recovered some jewelry items while hunting in this manner. It is surprising what you can hear about targets from the all metal mode. Never judge a target with a ground level pass only, raise the coil 6 to 8 inches and recheck the targets "fade" rate. Different targets fade out at different rates in both audio strength and width of signal. As an example, a full sized un-mutilated pulltab will keep its width and strength of sound at a much higher coil highth than the more conductive coins.

I really
Posted by: Bugar In. USA
Date: December 08, 2005 02:23PM
Like the hunting in dual modes, lets you know more of what's in the ground, either coin hunting or relic, problem is everything is so darn deep, shallow stuff blows your ears off, just as silver rings do, fine outfit, first thing people say when they see it OH MY GAWD, what a detector THAT AIN'T NO TOY, they rite :blowup::detecting::usmc::usaflag:

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