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Re: Does Nautilus Have a Future?
Posted by: woodchiphustler
Date: January 28, 2010 05:47AM
They are a very small operation. They do not have to compete with the large volume of a big company. They have their following.As long as their staff is around and motivated, they will be.

I hope and think they will be there for a long time to come -- If they ever do go out of business hopefully there will be someone out there that can tune the coilsN/T
Posted by: Relicpro
Date: January 29, 2010 06:00PM

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Re: That depends to on settings and how one hunts. The Nautilus
Posted by: Rusty Digger
Date: January 31, 2010 10:13AM
Have to agree as far as small targets at depth. Pellets at 10 inches doesnt seem to be diificult at all but what does seem to bug the heck out of me is I just dont seem to have an ear for the discrimination side of this detector. I just dig dig dig and while Ive found a few silver quarters I sure have dug some holes with everything to 1/4 lead sinkers, brass hoohas (no idea what they are) to iron nails and aluminum nails. My collection of nails is fantastic. :starwars: I have thought to myself the same thing regarding the future of Nautilus. My friends have the Fisher F75 and Shawn has a T2 LTD, Seem very nice and they seem to hit deep and go go go. I even got to swing the V3 for awhile the other day and I think I will be looking at that detector again soon. I guess what I'm getting at is. Although Nuaty is deep others are catching up and with the technology out there if something isn't done there could be a good chance it will go the way of the Studebaker. Great car and fantastic to look at and own but when you put it next to a Viper you have to ask which would you rather drive, both will get you there in style but one will do it a whole lot faster and with less work (For those of you who don't remember not having power steering this will not be understood). For now I keep swinging my detector and I love all the history with it but the same thought regarding "The future" did cross my mind.

Problem is...
Posted by: UK Brian
Date: February 01, 2010 09:00AM
There were two posts last week and one this firmly stating that Nautilus only make relic machines so no use to anyone not in Relic country. It doesn't exactly help sales !
These are a few coins etc that the DMC won't find All the smaller coins are under the size of a dime and some half the thickness. Dates 1900 back to Roman.

Re: Does Nautilus Have a Future?
Posted by: Nauti Neil
Date: February 01, 2010 12:18PM
I've found some of my best coins with the dmc2b.....Nautilus find coins as good as anything on the market.If a machine can find small hammered coins like the ones in Brians photo it means they are up with the best for finding coins.I've found hammered coins in bone dry fluffy ploughed land with this machine....something a lot of so called top machines won't do.

Re: Does Nautilus Have a Future?
Posted by: Tfor2
Date: February 04, 2010 09:32PM
Nautilus reminds me a lot of Compass. Not that the machines were the same in every way for they were (are) not.

Like Nautilus, Compass made some excellent detectors. I've had people tell me they still prefer the old Compass X-100 to anything made today. Whenever one in good working condition shows up on ebay they usually go for a high price. There's a large crowd always searching for the 100 and other models newer and older.

But as good as the Compass company was it still closed its doors.

I see this happening to Nautilus first and later Tesoro (maybe also some big companies too) but not for the same reason.

I'm not for many of these new machines today but the bulk of the consumer market wants them. The money is with the "charismatic" machines and companies today. If certain "charismatic" metal detector preachers say one brand is better than all the rest, their congregations will obey and buy that brand. Most will sing in that brand's choir even before they turn the machine on to see if it works. Actually, most don't care if it does what their preacher told them. In fact, many want to believe whatever they're told because that's their security in life.

THing has changed from what it was in its earlier years. Today it has become an obsession, almost a cult religion thing. I tell you today many worship this hobby. Years ago we did it for old coins and the thrill of digging history. But we all had jobs and more important things to tend to--metal detecting was for legitimate leisure time only. Today I've heard of some who have thrown their marriages out the window for detecting. For an alarming number this hobby has become a sickness just like gambling. You see this reflected in the forum wars over "my brand is deeper than your brand," etc.

So, in the future expect to see the sound and sensible metal detector companies fade away. In the years to come there will be a never ending stream of dream machines that will sell big for a time and fade away with another taking its place. Will these dream machines be better than all the other brands? The answer to that question really won't matter. What will count is did buying that machine cause me to be noticed in my congregation? With each passing day actual performance means less and less.

What really matters today are subjective feelings and belonging ("bonding"). People want something to believe in even if that god is made of plastic.

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Re: Does Nautilus Have a Future?
Posted by: UK Brian
Date: February 05, 2010 03:19AM
Good post !

Part of the reason that many companies that produced good machines have past away is that they might be innovating in machine design but save money by using the same stem/control box set ups that have been used for years ignoring the fact that many who like the performance of a particular machine won't buy due to lack of balance and to much weight. This especially applies to Nautilus and the likes of the Compass Challenger range.

Then add dealer greed (U.S. prices can be doubled and warranties slashed). Ignore the European market at your peril as there's far more users but also don't rip them off. Big sales of detectors have continued throughout the downturn, bank troubles and unemployment increases but many of these sales have not been made by the major established companies but by the developing manufacturers in Poland and Bulgaria.
Same or better performance at half the cost, five year warranties rather than the standard two.

I've had test beds for years and the new machines come along and anyone is welcome to try their new wonder model against some of the old classics. They then go away shaking their heads wondering why they have wasted so much money.

Re: Does Nautilus Have a Future?
Posted by: oneton
Date: May 30, 2010 01:46PM
Hi,Here in Louisiana our club started out with about 13 f70s and f75s, we also have about 12 naut users.The f70 and f75 doesn't even come close to the naut line.We have nearly no minerals in louisiana.Detectors can hunt deep deep here.After about a year after trying everything that could be tried most f70 and f75 users sold their machines due to poor quality of material,jumpy numbers,and noise that would drive you crazy not to mention the upgrades that they needed and should have had from the factory.The naut has been proven here in louisiana to go anywhere from 2-5 inches deeper than the f series and most naut machines hardly ever needs to be sent back until after a couple of years for tune ups.No i don't hunt with a nautilus,i use a 3d which i think is also better than the new f serious. it runs very smooth and it will find targets deeper than the f70 or f75,the only advantage the new f units have is a faster recorvery, but the speed is no good if your unit is in a rage of noises and jumpy neddles.Also the new f units cost is way out of range.

Re: Does Nautilus Have a Future?
Posted by: Joe(TX)
Date: May 29, 2015 06:00PM
.......Although this thread is 6 years old....with everything that has happened to Nautilus I just felt that all of the info contained was a type of forebearing on what has actually happened to Nautilus......the symptons were there years ago ....I have seen this happen before like with the Compass and with the Discovery Barons. I am Not a regular Nautilus forum follower but I do read the posts from time to experience was mainly with the older Nautilus specially the Silver King.....and the LF (Relic King) and the MF....had one of the DMC 2's roughly around 30 years ago all of the rest....sad to find out about the demise of Nautilus...Jerry Tynall was the "King of Relic Detectors" in my book....talked to him at least several times over the years and he reminded me of my dad not some business leader......

Re: I guess this is a subject just not thought about much :unsure:
Posted by: Joe(TX)
Date: May 30, 2015 12:39PM

Re: Does Nautilus Have a Future?
Posted by: filternozzle
Date: May 31, 2015 12:54PM
I agree it is sad to see the demise of Nautilus. It was and still is a great detector.

Happy Hunting
Minelab GPX-5000 - Backup GPX-4500 with a very large selection of coils.

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Re: Does Nautilus Have a Future?
Posted by: bigchuckinva
Date: May 31, 2015 04:16PM
I still have lucky two DMC2B with two good coils. I been using the Blisstoll V-5 Model and reworking site hit hard with DMC2B. It lot more learning curve to set then DMC2B, but I have to admit if goes deeper than DMC2b. I still love my DMC2B and found tons relics with it. Sadly I cant see company start make new machine, so hard on to DMC2b! Chuck

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