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No coin or token fourm? 1914D cent
Posted by: utahshovelhead
Date: October 16, 2017 07:25PM
After many years of being on the finds treasure forum I am just realizing that there is no coin or token forum...seems odd but I really dig the forum and read alot of really good info here dealing with my addiction.

My Question is this; Unbelievably this year while searching my coins and objects I found not only the rarest mercury dime but also a rare 1914 D penny in my stash. Don't ask how it is that I did not know I had found them sooner but just know that I usually only take time twice a year to sort through my coin finds and I guess you could say that I found them So would you spend the money to have them graded or would you look for the best info you can and put them up for auction? What do all you experts say?


Metal detecting forum covers all finds... !!
Posted by: Elton
Date: October 16, 2017 09:21PM
20th century tales would have been good too.Finding them twice angle..

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Re: No coin or token fourm? 1914D cent
Posted by: flinthunter
Date: October 17, 2017 07:48AM
Pictures would go a long way towards determining if they should be graded or not.

Re: No coin or token fourm? 1914D cent
Posted by: Mcdetect
Date: November 18, 2017 04:06PM
Also big difference in condition between a dug and nondug coin for anything copper or copper alloy (mixed w nickel, zinc, etc) at least out of my soil. The general condition info you see relates to nondug coins. So a dug coin will take a hit from posted values. Silver coins should fair better but I suspect will also take a hit.

Re: No coin or token fourm? 1914D cent
Posted by: hatpin
Date: November 18, 2017 09:10PM
I have two 1914 D pennies found in the same creek bank about a week apart . Terrible condition . I'd love to get 100 dollars a piece for them .

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