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Anybody got an idea?
Posted by: Saraih13
Date: November 06, 2018 08:02AM
Hello guys!
I'm quite new here, so i'm just gonna give it a shot.
I found this object while digging around on my property, and i wondered what you think this might be!
I've just started Metal detecting and i've got no real experience yet, but i'm trying to improve and gain some more Knowledge.
I live in Austria, so my biggest hope of course would be that it's gonna turn out a Roman coin or something, but it might also just be a piece of something else.
Anyways. Thanks so much for helping me out!

Re: Anybody got an idea?
Posted by: HuntinDog
Date: November 06, 2018 10:02AM
First off....
WELCOME to Find's Treasure :cheers:

To me sitting here about 6000 miles away it looks like half of a steel washer :( :shrug:

Can you tell what it is made of?
Also how big is it?
What detector are you using and does it have a ID number for your target?
These are thing that will help with the ID. :confused:

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Re: Anybody got an idea?
Posted by: Saraih13
Date: November 06, 2018 11:31AM
Thank you so much! :smile:
And thank you too for your answer!
So, i believe, and it's been some time, since i found it, but i believe it might be iron, i thinkā€¦ which would rule out a coin i guess, ahhhh. Oh well.
Anyways. it's around 1cm Long, so around 0,78 Inches, and About as Broad as 0,5 cm, so it's very slim.

I'm using a Fisher m scope, CZ-7a Quicksilver. It's got an ID for the targets, but it's not always spot on. Or maybe i'm still just very untrained. :lol:
thank you so much for trying to help out!

Re: Anybody got an idea?
Posted by: chuck, ky
Date: November 07, 2018 10:00AM
With the holes in the center it looks like either half a button or half a trolley token.

Re: Anybody got an idea?
Posted by: ronaldj2
Date: November 07, 2018 06:26PM
I agree, it looks alot like a steel button that had 4 holes in the center. P.S. Welcome to the forum. Lots of good folks here, willing and able to help answer questions or I.D. things.

Re: Anybody got an idea?
Posted by: Gamma_Joe
Date: November 09, 2018 06:26PM
Suggestion: you could test it again. Just put down on some surface, a meter or so away from any metal (to the side, and underneath), and run your coil over it again. Do it from several directions. If it's iron your CZ-7a will identify it for sure. If so, it might be the back part of a button, perhaps military.

Best of luck, and enjoy detecting with your CZ-7a. I had one for 12 years and found some wonderful coins and relics with it (in New England, USA). It's stable, deep, and accurate.



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