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Here are my three XLT Custom Programs, if interested, with some comments.
Posted by: Monte
Date: September 19, 2009 09:28PM
There have been several of my earlier-use programs located on various forums, but here are my three that I have relied on for quite a while now. Before you cruise through them and start asking yourself, or me, questions, I ought to explain how I arrived at these, and give you some general opinions I have formed about the XLT.

Mind you, I acquired my first (of 21) XLT's in the spring of '94 when they were released and have enjoyed putting XLT's to work in a wide variety of hunting applications for over 15 years now. The result is that I know the XLT for what it is, and have tailored three programs specifically for those times when I might employ them for differing tasks. Keep in mind, too, that the XLT was principally an engineer's dream or concoctions with some adjustment features, or adjustment ranges, that are really unnecessary or can cause terrible performance. Very radical adjustments often result in a poor-performing program. there are reasons I use, or don't use, some of the functions, and I will try and explain them later tonight or tomorrow.

If you have any questions, post them here, or fell welcome to E-mail me directly.

Happy XLT hunting!


Thanks Monte for the post.Will give them a try.:detecting::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::biggrin:N/T
Posted by: ohio fred
Date: September 19, 2009 09:39PM

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Before you give them all a "try," I'll explain why they are what they are.
Posted by: Monte
Date: September 20, 2009 11:17AM
My approach to making personal custom programs was rather easy. One was the realization that the factory programs were rather mellow. They worked, but they were mellow and I wanted more:

Thanks Monte for information on programs i will try to follow what you wrote .Thanks again:detecting::thumbup:N/T
Posted by: ohio fred
Date: September 20, 2009 12:59PM

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Re: Here are my three XLT Custom Programs, if interested, with some comments.
Posted by: oldbob55
Date: September 21, 2009 05:54PM
will these programs work with the eagle spectrum.


Re: Here are my three XLT Custom Programs, if interested, with some comments.
Posted by: Stang1968
Date: September 26, 2009 03:06PM
Thanks for posting your programs. I gave #3 a try this morning, and I could see some promise with it. Unfortunatly, given the ground conditions in the ball field I was at, it was very unstable. I took the pre-am gain back down to 6 and it still was giving me +95, overload, and TRACK messages on every sweep. I don't know what adjustments would help me get over those issues. I'm gonna keep looking on here for an answer though.

If you've dropped the PAG down to #6, and you're getting a lot of
Posted by: Monte
Date: September 30, 2009 07:09AM
Track" readings and "overload" and "+95 readings, you can try the following:

First, try that program at another location and see how it works. make it a site that is quite different from the ball field you hunted.

Second, try a different search coil. If you're using the 950 it is possible that you have a bad coil. It doesn't happen often, but if you can, try another one. Also, try an accessory coil at the same site.

Third, while I seldom turn Transmit Boost 'Off' (like maybe 3 times in 15 years), you might try that and see if it helps.

Fourth, and this is what I would do if my coil was good, try and isolate some of the rocks that are likely culprits for a high 'hot rockish' +95. I would GB to the more mineralized rock and then turn Auto-Trac 'Off'.

On my 3rd program (Open Range) I have Auto-Trac turned 'On' because it is a program I would opt for if I was hunting a low-target, good ground open sports field, plowed farm field, or similar location. When there is an excess of rocks or other mineral challenges, I turn Auto-Trac 'Off.' While I prefer not to reject +95, I know a few people who do like to in order to eliminate hearing some of the noise in a challenging ground environment. They also use Auto-Trac and that can make a difference.


Re: Here are my three XLT Custom Programs, if interested, with some comments.
Posted by: swohiojeff
Date: October 21, 2010 12:05PM
I like these programs, I have tried them and found many coins I missed using the factory settings.

Re: Here are my three XLT Custom Programs, if interested, with some comments.
Posted by: BillZ
Date: October 30, 2010 06:43PM
I don't know how you use the AC turned up to 75. I always get chatter if I turn it up past 55. I even sent it in to White's with other issues and had them go over it. They replaced the coil and most of the issues are gone except it is still too sensitive when you try and turn up the AC.

Thanks Monte-Plus...
Posted by: Dan-Pa.
Date: November 05, 2010 03:19PM
A lot depends on your swing speed along with your ground but Monte gives us his for perusal and look good to me...Haven't owned as many XLT's but owned a bunch over the years and must have read 10 books on the XLT and your preamp gain maxes out at about 6 and probably gain an inch all the way till 15 if you can ever get your unit that high and still keep it stable..If your looking for depth a good rule of thumb is to tweak the preset relic mode to fit your neck of the woods conditions while keeping a stable unit and go from there. Internet is loaded with many variations so do some searching on Google and you should be able to come up with 4 preset programs to work with and when in the field just punch one in and be on your way..Leave the tweaking for your back porch and swinging for the field..after a while you will know what works best in various conditions and don't forget the acc. 5.3 coil as its a deadly coil..

Re: Thanks Monte-Plus... thanksN/T
Posted by: ohio fred
Date: November 05, 2010 03:50PM

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Posted by: ohio fred
Date: January 22, 2013 12:20PM

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Re: Thanks Monte for information on programs i will try to follow what you wrote .Thanks again:detecting::thumbup:
Posted by: Deno
Date: January 22, 2013 07:56PM
Hey Monte, I am curious why you don't lower your recovery speed on your open range program?

Re: Here are my three XLT Custom Programs, if interested, with some comments.
Posted by: listenup303
Date: January 24, 2013 10:18PM
Hello Monte,
Great name!! I have a son by the same name. In installing a Coin & Jewelry custom program, where it comes to Coarse GEB and the Fine GEB, the author says it should read AUTO. On your 3 programs, you have N/A. My XLT has a # 50 for Coarse and 125 for fine. Is there something wrong with the machine or should the settings be ?????
Looking forward to your answer,

This is old post i brought up.but answer
Posted by: ohio fred
Date: January 25, 2013 03:57AM
Monte excels with the whites in answers if you click on the name of author it will take you to page it will say send message buddy show all post if your new on forum i think you have to have so many post to send message but if you click on see all post it will show were he last posted from he is on a lot of the different forums has a lot of knowledge about a lot of the machines.Wish i could help but he would have a better answer. But i see in his programs he has the auto trac on so it would adjust the ground balance automatically.except in custom program 2 he has it off and that when you would ground balance yourself adjusting the those number for what ever area you hunt in.hope this helped .

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