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Re: Should I Buy An XLT - Yes or No ?
Posted by: jackintexas
Date: May 16, 2011 09:50PM
As I have said many times. I may sell or trade detectors from time to time but I will always have an XLT.....Jack

Re: Should I Buy An XLT - Yes or No ?
Posted by: gilfordberry
Date: May 29, 2011 01:28AM
I've used the Spectrum XLT for about fifteen years. I've tried other machines from time to time - Garrett, Tesoro, Minelab, Fisher, even a couple of rare ones. They were all excellent machines and each had features that made them good detectors. I currently own five machines, four of which are Whites machines (IDX, XLT, PI Pro, and V3i). I use all of them depending on the situation, but the XLT is my favorite, probably because I know it so well. The V3i is a better machine than the XLT - especially for target identification at depth - but for all-round results, you just can't beat the 'ole XLT especially when coupled with a Bigfoot coil (if you can find one). No question, you won't go wrong with the XLT.

Re: Should I Buy An XLT - Yes or No ?
Posted by: Hoze513
Date: May 30, 2011 07:51PM
Yes I think he should get a xlt. I just got one a month ago and I love my coin count has gone up. I just got into the hobby this year and hAve no experience with such high tech detector. But with enough reading I have got the hang of it.

BH Pioneer505\ Spectrum XLT/Pro pointer/ Lesche digger/ Sampson Lesche shovel /

Re: Should I Buy An XLT - Yes or No ?
Posted by: PokerShark
Date: June 15, 2011 12:08AM
I have an XLT I would love to sell here but I have only been on-board for 6 weeks and I am up to about 50 messages. I think the rule is 3 months and 100 messages before you can post in the classified area if I am not mistaken. I understand the site doesn't want people doing hit an run sales which is good, but 3 months and 100 messages is a just a smidge on the extreme side in my humble opinion. Sure I could game the posts by saying hi to every new member but that is just not me. I like to put substance in my posts. Those that have been watching the V3i forum know I tend to do half page to full page posts and replies. It is a nice site and I enjoy contributing.

I know there are several folks that would like an XLT, but I am locked out for another 6 weeks (I guess, haven't checked) folks, sorry. Momma says I have to payoff my V3i now, which I bought from a dealer here, as well as the DX-1 probe bought from yet another Find's dealer. But I guess it is off to feebay were everyone loses so "the bay" can win.

The Shark

Re: Should I Buy An XLT - Yes or No ?
Posted by: MO Sgt.
Date: June 15, 2011 07:01PM
I recently purchased a spectrum XLT. I have been using metal detectors for the last 12 years, from the older garretts like the freedom coin commander series, the garrett GTAx 1000, a garrett GTI 2000, and a whites 6000 DI Pro sl. My very first find with the XLT was in a place that I have detected over and over with all the other detectors mentioned above I found a nice piece of older jewelry that was 5 inches deep. Since then I have found an old watch and several coins. I am really going to enjoy this XLT. I would highly recommend it to any one who wants to find collectible items in the ground. If you do decide to buy one, go to youtube and watch the White's instruction videos posted there, I think there is either 8 or 9 of them. They were helpful to me. You can also go to JB's whites spectrum XLT page on the internet and get programs, blank program pages, and setting definitions sheets for the XLT. Hope this helps.

Re: Should I Buy An XLT - Yes or No ?
Posted by: Hopskippy
Date: October 28, 2011 09:13AM
I would have to agree with the XLT lovers above. What I enjoy so much about the XLT, you are always learning as the XLT gives so much information. I'd say, buy the XLT, read everything Monte has written about it, load his programs, learn to tweak them to fit your ground conditions and hunting style. After a month of hunting, you'll be on here giving pretty much the same advice.
The XLT rules IMO.




Location: South East Missouri

Re: Should I Buy An XLT - Yes or No ?
Posted by: Scaupus
Date: February 07, 2012 12:09AM
Yes and no. I got a spectrum eagle with whites phones for $180 on feebay. It's basically a budget xlt. Within a week I had worked out 2 programs that are KILLERS for what I do in s. florida, though it was a couple months before I had the time to go hunting as it was my busy season...xmas. The default programs are best ignored, imho. I hit my first gold ring second trip. First 2 Indian heads. Huge silver pendant on the very first outing. Just luck? I don't think so. With the right program, the 9" coil takes apart trash like a laser, I can't imagine how great a Bullseye must work on trashy areas. The more you use it, the more you can see into the ground, literally, with the VDI and read patterns that id targets as you run over the junk.

I'm using home-made adapters to run AAs instead of C batteries. My adapters with AA's weigh half what the C's weigh. I'm using rechargeables, and getting 4-5 hours per set, and I have 3 sets. One fully charged set is about the limit of how much swinging and digging I can do in a day anyway.

The XLT has a bigger screen, more program slots and uses 8 AA instead of 4 c's, and i read its lighter, though I'm using 4 AAs so the weight difference may no longer be a factor, nor the cost factor of the C batteries. Should you pay $300 more for those remaining differences? If you have the money, go for it.

But if you are really on a tight budget, as I was, look for the Spectrum Eagle on feebay, craigslist etc. I doubt any detector can give you more value per dollar. Hang in there til you get one under $200, it may take a little patience.

Re: Should I Buy An XLT - Yes or No ?
Posted by: Todd.
Date: February 09, 2012 04:31AM
Scaupus, I have probably one of the first (spectrum XLT 1993 models) that uses the "4 C" batteries, so I had to chuckle to myself as I thought I was probably the last person in the world who still had a detector that used those batteries! Very, Very, good detector! To this day she'll pull up coins and jewelry as fast as I can dig them up! I have quite a selection of detectors but always am going back to the XLT!

Re: Should I Buy An XLT - Yes or No ?
Posted by: gilfordberry
Date: March 08, 2012 11:57PM
If you asked a hundred guys this question, you would get only two answers. Yes from people that have owned and used an XLT; no from everyone else. I own four Whites machines - a PI, a V3i, an IDX pro and an old Spectrum XLT. They are all great machines, they all excel in one way or another...the PI is hard to beat in wet salt sand - it definitely picks up targets deeper than I want to dig 'em. The IDX is a no-nonsense, very fast machine that is a killer in competition hunting - especially when teamed up with a bigfoot coil. The V3i is in a class by itself when it comes to identifying your target - especially old, deep ones - but, it is a slow machine (it takes time for all those numbers to crunch) compared to the others, and finally, the XLT. It is probably the best general purpose detector ever produced. I've owned Tesoros, Garrets, Fishers, Minelabs, and even a couple most people have never heard of.... but for general hunting for clad coins within six or eight inches of the surface (and you usually don't want to go deeper unless you're in a farmer's corn field digging with his permission) the XLT is tops in my book. I'm not saying it has features better than the others - it is definitely in second - or third - place in several categories. It is not the most sensitive but it can still zero in on a dime at ten inches on occasion, it's not the lightest, but it is very well balanced and you can hunt a long time before tiring. It doesn't identify the target as well as some others (especially the v3i) but it does a pretty darn good job for a single frequency machine. So, yeah, buy it. For the price of some of the newer machines you could buy four or five XLTs in great condition from feebay - and you'd scaresly notice any loss of capability.

Re: Should I Buy An XLT - Yes or No ?
Posted by: Larry (IL)
Date: March 09, 2012 06:12AM
I would have to agree with your analysis Gilfordberry, dollar for dollar, a used XLT might be the best buy on the market right now.

Bells and whistles are nice, but nothing will substitute for the basic understanding of the hobby.

:minelab: CTX 3030

Re: Should I Buy An XLT - Yes or No ?
Posted by: Lee66
Date: October 01, 2012 11:09PM
I've had my xlt since the spring. I started last October with a whites coin master pro but quickly out grew it. Got lucky and found a new xlt and traded up. I used the factory preset programs for the first few months. Just like the simpler coin master it was a turn on and go machine. Prefect for an over enthusiastic newbie! As the summer rolled along I started playing around with the custom programs and enjoy the machine even more. Found my first gold on the beach and now have the fever. The xlt has been the prefect machine for my introduction to the hobby. Good luck and keep us informed as to your choice.

Re: Should I Buy An XLT - Yes or No ?
Posted by: strapenddave
Date: December 28, 2012 02:23PM
I live in Great Britain and have been using an XLT since 1998. I had an Eagle 2 before that. In my opinion, there is not another detector on the market that can compete with the discrimination on the Whites detectors. Their ability to be programmed to find specific high value targets while ignoring low value items is their strongest feature. The only downside is their inability to cope with salt wet sand at the beach. They sound off in response to the wet sand and can only operate in such conditions with the sensitivity turned down, thereby sacrificing depth. Apart from that, the answer to your question is a big yes!

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