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Washington Rain Rain Rain
Date: December 10, 2003 04:23AM
I live in western washington where it rains all the time,and even when it's not raining the ground is soaked.Idon't mind that but what i do mind is reading all the posts and realizing i don't know crap about my xlt.I have been detecting for 6years and do pretty good to about 6 inches but not much deeper.I now realize that all my great old hunting sites can possebly be great new sites if some of you way more experienced folks would not mind helping me understand in lamens terms the basic understanding of what and when to make adjustments to increase depth.Good hunting Eddie

Re: Washington Rain Rain Rain
Brent- No.Az.
Date: December 11, 2003 10:54PM
Hi Eddie
Its snow, snow, snow here in Flagstaff, Arizona. Tonight we are going to get a good snow storm.
I have had my XLT for almost a year and 3 months. I have found thousands of coins and numerous gold and silver rings and jewelry. I have figured out how to custom program a few settings, such as VCO, volume etc. But I haven't worked on getting more depth out of the XLT with all the other settings. I have gotten very good results using the preset programs. I am beginning to understand ways on how to get the depth, but so far I do pretty good reaching at least 7 inches deep using my BigFoot coil. Most targets I dig are not nearly that deep, usualluy 3 inches or less deep. I have learned that with less discrimination you get deeper targets.
I am thinking about getting a 12 inch HOTSHOT coil, that is supposed to add another 3 inches depth and works very good in highly mineralized soil. Is your soil highly mineralized?
Here is a post on this forum on October 12th of this year, on Depth, by
YTcoinshooter in CT
Re: Coin Programs
Good Luck and let me know if this helps. Email me anytime.
Happy Diggins. Brent

Re: Washington Rain Rain Rain
Date: December 12, 2003 04:40PM
Thanks Brent,so you think if i back off of the disc. i might get some more depth,i'll try that!.yeah i'm not to sure on my soil, but when anything metal hits the soil it rusts.i get signals deeper than six inches,but usually dosen't pan out.i also use the tone I D always so that really helps me weed out the crap.Ireally wish i knew how to understand the numbers + and - accept on the display I think knowing that would really help.Ya know i have been doing this 6 years strong i should already know theese things.Thanks for all your help,e-mail anytime. Eddie

Milota XLT Program-Deep Hunting-Maximum Depth
Brent- No.Az.
Date: December 13, 2003 12:41AM

Hi Eddie
Here is a CUSTOM XLT PROGRAM that Jim Normandy sent me for MAXIMUM DEPTH with the XLT. I haven't tried it yet, but it is loaded into my Custom Programs for use when the ground thaws. Happy Diggins. Brent



for Maximum Depth with the XLT

Step 1 Turn on the detector


Step 3 select RELIC PROGRAM

Step 4 follow ground balance prompt

Step 5 ENTER

Step 6 Choose MENU


Step 8 arrow down to D.C. SENSITIVITY

Step 9 select ENTER

Step 10 arrow up to 50

Step 11 select MENU

Step 12 select MENU again

Step 13 arrow down to PRO OPTIONS

Step 14 select ENTER

Step 15 select AUDIO

Step 16 select ENTER

Step 17 arrow down to SAT

Step 18 select ENTER

Step 19 arrow down to 2

Step 20 select MENU

Step 21 select MENU again

Step 22 arrow down to SIGNAL

Step 23 select ENTER

Step 24 arrow down to PREAMP GAIN

Step 25 select ENTER

Step 26 arrow up to 5

Step 27 select MENU

Step 28 select MENU again

Step 29 select MENU again

Step 30 arrow down to any CUSTOM PROGRAM

Step 31 select ENTER

Step 32 arrow down to SAVE

Step 33 select ENTER

Step 34 arrow down to NAME

Step 35 select ENTER

Step 36 arrow up and down to spell out MILOTA

Step 34 arrow to the letter and select ENTER

Step 35 select letters in sequence to spell M-I-L-O-T-A

Step 36 select MENU

Step 37 pull and release trigger

Step 38 Turn detector off

Step 39 Next time you hunt....

Step 40 Turn ON, wait for battery check


Step 42 select ENTER

Step 43 arrow down to MILOTA

Step 44 select ENTER

Step 45 select LOAD

Step 46 select ENTER

Step 47 Follow ground balance prompts

To activate MILOTA program

next time you hunt simply:

1 - Turn on the Detector

2 - Wait for Battery Check


4 - select ENTER

5 - select MILOTA

6 - select ENTER

7 - select LOAD

8 - follow Ground Balance prompts and begin to hut.

Re: Milota XLT Program-Deep Hunting-Maximum Depth
Posted by: Suncoast Kid
Date: June 19, 2016 07:34PM
This is very good.

Does anyone know what MILOTA stands for?

I had to dig back 12 years to find it.


Florida, USA
:minelab: XP

Re: Milota XLT Program-Deep Hunting-Maximum Depth
Posted by: Dan-Pa.
Date: June 20, 2016 09:18AM
Be careful with programs from books and on the net as what works in one area may not in another....Establishing programs for you area may take a lot of hit and miss but indeed some established programs are good guidelines...Basically keep it change one facet and it affects another....

Re: Milota XLT Program-Deep Hunting-Maximum Depth
Posted by: Suncoast Kid
Date: June 20, 2016 08:10PM
Yes, that is very true. Going through all the programs that are listed on the Coinist's site, as I live in Florida the Milota is one I'm considering along with others such as Wet Sand, Beach, Relic, Small Gold and so on. In the end, I'm sure I will end up with modified programs of my own. I picked up an XLT, and finally getting around to getting it set up. I'm not new to the Whites detectors as I used to own an Eagle Spectrum years ago and it was one of my favorites. I modified a Minelab Excalibur II with the DetectroPro Grey Ghost headphones and the 10x12 SEF coil with the carbon fiber straight shaft for the beach, and now it is time to move on to the new land detector. I look forward to learning more on this forum as it is a gold mine of information from all the great people that post here. Thanks for your message.
I'm still wondering what the name MILOTA stands for, in regards to the deep-seeking program it's named after.


Florida, USA
:minelab: XP

Re: Milota XLT Program-Deep Hunting-Maximum Depth
Posted by: Dan-Pa.
Date: June 21, 2016 09:22AM
Coinist had some that were applicable and worked well in many areas...Might have to tweak them a tad for your specific area..And remember for superior depth have to swing a bit faster than many units...

Re: Milota XLT Program-Deep Hunting-Maximum Depth
Posted by: Suncoast Kid
Date: June 22, 2016 03:27AM
It brings a thought to mind back when I had the 6000 DI Pro in the 80's (before the Eagle Spectrum), and how easy, fast, and convenient it was to just look down and adjust a knob and it was done. I guess it is the superior depth and customization that we now have with the XLT that makes up for the extra time it takes to make adjustments. And I'm sure once you get to know the machine adjustments become a lot faster and less often. Maybe one day they will have a screen that when you look at something it pulls it up and you can adjust up or down, only then will it beat just having the quick adjust feature of a knob. :smile:

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What I find interesting about this program.....
Posted by: Va Dave
Date: June 24, 2016 06:49PM
Being in a Discriminate mode program (Relic), the all metal sensitivity (DC) was cranked up, and not the disc sensitivity (AC), just makes no sense ? 13 year old post, surely he's come up with a better setup by now.

Re: What I find interesting about this program.....
Posted by: Suncoast Kid
Date: June 24, 2016 07:55PM
I've been looking into the best settings for the DC and AC Sensitivities, and the balance for them with the setting of the Preamp Gain. I'm sure there is a point where too high or too low of a sensitivity setting will result in decreased performance, and a setting that is good, to where the setting of the Preamp Gain will take you up to where you need to be. I would also like to apply this with the Mixed Mode setting as this is such a special feature, especially in regards to a deep-seeking mode, where you are wanting max depth and wider coverage in areas that have little trash to deal with. You certainly have a good point. I have not come to a conclusion as I'm still reviewing all of the listed program settings and testing programs to my ground conditions. I'm in central Florida where the sand allows for a little higher settings than other areas with tougher ground conditions. But it seems I'm on the right track. Thanks for your post.

Florida, USA
:minelab: XP

Re: What I find interesting about this program.....
Posted by: airscapes
Date: June 24, 2016 10:49PM
If you understand how it works, you will understand how to set it..
Find a copy of Digging Deeper with the DFX.. most of the info applies to the xlt..
Preamp gain is the amplification of the signal from the coil.
DC is the non motion sensitivity to the signal from the preamp gain. AC is the motion modes sensitivity to the signal after the PAG..
Preamp gain effect the sensitivity of both the AC and DC as it comes before either one in the signal chain.
DC comes into play when pinpointing and when in Mixed mode. AC is for motion mode only.. Only way to find out what is best is to try adjust them in your location as ground conditions affect how high you can set PAG and AC.
raise PAG, then raise AC, GB and check for stability.. when you get just shy or instability, raise DC to about 45 so you can pinpoint any items found with the high AC sensitivity. If you are finding shallow items you will need to lower DC so you can pinpoint.. Good luck !

Doug White's DFX, 950,U13, 6x10 & 4x6 coils | CoinMaster GT, 4x6 Shooter Coil, NEL Hunter coil, TRX Pin Pointer and DIY Wireless FM Transmitter and Etymotic Research ER-6i in-ear phones

Re: Washington Rain Rain Rain
Posted by: Suncoast Kid
Date: June 25, 2016 06:11AM
I've read a lot of books to understand the information that you managed to put into one paragraph. Well said. Now I just need to get out and use the different settings and adjust them to my area. I can't make up my mind if I want to use the Tone ID or not, might have to adjust the tone a little. I'm thinking that the Eagle Spectrum had a different sound, but it's been so long ago I really can't remember. And then I've used a ML Excal for so long I've gotten used to the sounds it makes, and have also forgot about looking at a meter. It sure is nice to have the VDI numbers and SignaGraph once again. Seems that the tone ID is a personal preference, as I see a lot of listed programs where it is turned off. I would think it would be an advantage to use it as long as it doesn't become irritating. Thanks for your post.

Florida, USA
:minelab: XP

Re: Washington Rain Rain Rain
Posted by: airscapes
Date: June 25, 2016 08:02AM
Yes, in areas with many targets and having everything wide open like I hunt it is rather noisy. I think it is what you are used too. I started on the Coinmaster GT that has 9 tones.. other guys that have been around longer are used to the single tone with audio quality variations of the single tone.. If you ever watch the screen in single tone and you see multiple VDIs in the same trarget.. you will hear what that does to a single tone.. but if in Tone ID, you will hear all those flashes of VDI numbers in a different tone and learn those patterns.. When you hit a high conductor in a trashy site, you will know it with Tone on.. No clue how you would hear the difference between ad 55 or a 89 in single tone. Again, I am hunting in trash..Swing right beep beep beep beep beep beep, swing left beep beep beep beep beep .. repeat..

Doug White's DFX, 950,U13, 6x10 & 4x6 coils | CoinMaster GT, 4x6 Shooter Coil, NEL Hunter coil, TRX Pin Pointer and DIY Wireless FM Transmitter and Etymotic Research ER-6i in-ear phones

Re: What I find interesting about this program.....
Posted by: Va Dave
Date: June 25, 2016 09:35AM
I keep the XLT in Mixed mode (Tone ID-off) full time and have to use a lower PAG setting of 2-3 , and if using a big coil I have to lower to 1, in our mild soil. That's with the average AC-75, DC-50.

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