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out came a $1.00 Canadian
Posted by: Ground Fisher John
Date: September 07, 2005 07:37PM
Hi all!

Went out to a local park the other day and found tow other people also hunting. They left and I continued to hunt. At one point I swung my coil next to a spot that the other person had just dug a hole. I got a good solid sound and down about 4 inches out came a $1.00 Canadian. That person was using a Bountyhunter.

HH from


Re: out came a $1.00 Canadian
Posted by: ~LARGO~
Date: October 21, 2005 03:02PM
Hi all,

Kind of a similar thing happened to me. I was detecting in a Idaho park, and I don't recall what the XLT readout was, but I was very surprised when I dug 2 holes, got 2 year later, I was in the same general area, and dug 1 more loonie, that I had apparently missed the year previous!


Re: out came a $1.00 Canadian
Posted by: widebody
Date: September 18, 2011 02:05PM
a canadian $1.00 coin. introduced in 1987. composed of 91% nickel.
as for using a bh detector. my hunting buddy was using one when we first met. he was like a vacuum cleaner with it. it didn't get as much depth as his new machine but enough to out hunt my minelab se pro and my mxt pro. it's how well you know your machine. his son got the bh next and out did his dad and me often. now he has a at pro. both dad and son are a very good clean up pair. they don't miss much.


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Kelso, Wa.
where the sun don't shine most of the time.

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Re: out came a $1.00 Canadian
Posted by: Sport181
Date: November 28, 2011 09:05PM
Got me a loonie the other day too. Nothing wrong with picking up a dollar in one dig. The lonies are magnetic too. I have a friend in Canada and he told me a guy he knew would rig up a heavy duty magnetic go through their swimming areas and make a kiiling.

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