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AC Sensitivity Question?
Posted by: Mark7
Date: April 05, 2015 10:41AM
I have just started back with a XLT after many years.I only used factory programs and I really never found any coins below 4" (I mostly hunted a tornado ravaged area around my home. ,are neighborhood go hit by a F4 to F5 tornado just leveled everything!) that is what got me into this hobby. With that said I decided after I got familiar again with the XLT I went to a ball field I hunted in the past and I turned up the AC Sensitivity to 68 and then to 70 using the coin / jewelry program with the 950 x top coil,the ground is nice topsoil and is very moist to wet in places. I am finding coins at 5" to 7.5",not sure if is just the soil conditions or what.Now to get to my question, I found the VDI numbers are coming in at a higher number on the scale and jump around and are broken up a bit under the 5" deep mark and read more normal above the 5" mark,also the deeper targets will not lock on good and will only give a very quick high pitch tone and a bit broken up(is this normal? will the wet ground affect the VDI scale?),I have been digging all these very quick high tones and finding older coins,well mid 60s for dates I believe there are deeper coins here topsoil is very deep over a foot in places.I hit this old ball field ( no longer being used ) and sourround area very hard years ago and found a lot of shallow coins most of my target now are below 5 " .Not really sure why I never found deeper coins here before now. Any info or ideas would be appreciated.Thank you.

Three and a half hour hunt I found,
10 quarters
5 dimes
5 pennies

small girls bow charm ring ,no markings on it
two keys
oh and of course a pile of pull taps several different types,
a few pieces of aluminum

Most all the coins and pull tabs were below 5"

Things are were you find them.

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Re: AC Sensitivity Question?
Posted by: airscapes
Date: May 12, 2015 10:09AM
Deeper the target the less accurate the VDI. When you find one of these targets try altering the following settings.
Preamp gain: raise
Recovery speed; Lower if not a lot of trash
VDI sensitivity: Raise.
Lastly, pinpoint the target then swing directly over it and alter you swing speed to determine the best speed for depth in your area.

You can also turn on DC PHase and crank up DC sensitivity to 45 or 50, so you can verify VID with non motion mode when pinpointing. Note: Hi DC Sen may make shallow targets hard to pinpoint.
Make the above changes when you get one of these targets and see which if not all help improve the signal.

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Re: AC Sensitivity Question?
Posted by: Mark7
Date: May 24, 2015 05:09PM
Thanks airscapes . Understanding the sweep speed for the area also really helped me.

Things are were you find them.

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Re: AC Sensitivity Question?
Posted by: Dan-Pa.
Date: June 01, 2016 10:55AM
Swing fast and get better depth.....

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