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Posted by: James0169
Date: June 11, 2015 09:19PM
I hate to be that newbie who asks a stupid question, but can I run any coil that will fit on my xlt (or any other machine for that matter)? Are coils model specific or can I pick up any whites coil and run it? I'm just looking for a rule of thumb as I'd like to have options to experiment with if they will work, thanks for any advice!

Re: Coils???
Posted by: airscapes
Date: June 11, 2015 09:59PM
well unfortunately the are mostly model specific as each model operators on a different frequency. Some manufactures including whites have some coils that fit many models, the XLT is not one of them.
Whites had a more legible version of this chart but updated it so it is very hard to read.

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Re: Coils???
Posted by: James0169
Date: June 12, 2015 05:35AM
Great! Thank you for the insight, I was hoping otherwise but at least now I won't waste my money buying something that wont work. Thanks a bunch!

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