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New Whites XLT Spectrum
Posted by: virginia digger
Date: April 15, 2017 05:49AM
Just purchased a mint Spectrum XLT. After owning many other machines I decided to find an XLT to be used as my primary machine. I have found more Civil War relics with my previous XLT than any other machine I have owned. It's not the deepest machine out there but I really enjoy the Signagraph to tell what the target is. This XLT won't be leaving any time soon.........

XP Deus, Minelab CTX 3030

Re: New Whites XLT Spectrum
Posted by: Quake
Date: April 18, 2017 04:04PM
I have owned about 4 Xlt's and recently purchased another along with a newer teknetic's t2 ltd2 can't wait for the weather to get warmer out.
I have found plenty of silver and jewelry with the xlt i have no complaint's, I like the way there built they seem so durable and strong, I like the signagraph but i mostly rely on the tones
as to wether to dig it or not. Thumbs up to white's for making a good durable detector, One will alway's be in my detector arsenal.

Re: New Whites XLT Spectrum
Posted by: iw1abj
Date: April 25, 2017 08:27AM
I also have a xlt spectrum and it goes very well both in tones and discrimination, next month I will get xxl blackdog plate / spool built in spain, it increases by 5/7 "that supplied, better than many current MDs costruczion coll/sell for xxl blackdog special for xlt,see link
Algerio bye

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