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Tesoro COMPLAINT. Beware of buying USED machines
Posted by: scubadetector
Date: November 11, 2014 04:11PM
FACT with Tesoro. I bought a used Tiger Shark with a 8" and a 10" coil. It worked fine some of the time and others it pulsated and made weird noises with EITHER coil. My friend Kevin has a Sting Ray 2 that was bought new by his EX and he can't find out where she bought it. The inside adjustment knobs were lose and sometimes the machine would be super quiet no matter how high you turned up the volume.

I sent both of them in last week for repair. We BOTH had to pay 50.00 to get them checked and repaired. They repaired the boards on both our machines. NOW for the BAD NEWS. They told me and they told him our 8" coils were bad. They quoted me 129.00 to rebuild my coil and they told him 139.00 to rebuild his. NEITHER of us had a coil problem. I also don't understand WHY we would have to pay FULL RETAIL on a coil when they use our cable and connector because they are not made anymore. I know my personal feeling on this but I will keep it to myself. Everyone can be their own judge.

I advised them just to send the machines back. Just a warning to all. If you are going to buy a Tesoro, I would advise a new one with a lifetime warranty.

Re: Tesoro COMPLAINT. Beware of buying USED machines
Posted by: Rainyday101
Date: November 11, 2014 05:18PM
I feel your pain, but by the same token, if they kept fixing second owner used machines for free they wouldn't exist. When I purchased my Tiger I purchased new just for that reason. A water detector is a good thing to have a lifetime warranty on.

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Re: Tesoro COMPLAINT. Beware of buying USED machines
Posted by: scubadetector
Date: November 11, 2014 05:34PM
Free is not what I was looking for. Saying the coils are bad is VERY suspect. Charging me full retail is also suspect

Re: Tesoro COMPLAINT. Beware of buying USED machines
Posted by: tabman
Date: November 11, 2014 06:50PM
Free is not what I was looking for. Saying the coils are bad is VERY suspect. Charging me full retail is also suspect

There's 'bad' and not working as it should. A bad coil will work, but not to its full potential. I've sent coils in that were working to be tuned and what I got back was the difference between night and day. In some cases picking up several extra inches in depth.


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Tesoro COMPLAINT. Beware of buying USED machines
Posted by: scubadetector
Date: November 11, 2014 06:51PM
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Warranty work. Unexpected repairs. Reasonable charges.
Posted by: Monte
Date: November 12, 2014 04:16AM
First, the manufacturer's warranties.: They are what the manufacturer determines is a reasonable period for anything to go wrong in the way of manufacturing defects. You can't warranty what other people do such as modifications, excessive tinkering, letting the detector fall in the water, abusing the detector/coil, allowing batteries to remain in a long-storged detector that leak and cause damage, etc., etc.

Some manufacturer's warranties have been 90 days, some 1 year, 2 year, 5 year, and then there is the "Lifetime Warranty. I have said this before and I'll state it again, any "Lifetime Warranty" is only for the products made and honored by the owner/manufacturer at the time it is issued. I have seen several different brands offer a "Lifetime Warranty" through the years, and one of two things happened.

One, the company just went belly-up so that ended the company and there was no longer any warranty of any kind. It ended with the end-of-LIFE for the company.

Two, a company is sold/traded/acquired by another business or individual. The name of the company might remain the same, but it is still a different company Owner and follows the new, now current owner's warranty policies. You can go buy a Bounty Hunter that comes with a 5 year warranty, but I remember the day when they offered a "Lifetime Warranty" but even a product made and sold during that period of time lost ALL warranty with the change of ownership and the new policy.

Then we have to remember that while Tesoro was reasonably generous in their earlier years and did some repairs on detectors sent in by the hands of a 2nd, 3rd or unknown owner, repair costs are on their shoulder for parts and employee coverage to get things fixed. You just knew there had to come a time when Tesoro would start to enforce it's "Lifetime Warranty" to the original detector purchaser. It was necessary due to the costs they incurred.

Unexpected repairs.: It happens all the time, especially when it is associated with a delicate or technical electronic function. In this case were are looking at your search coils. If they leaked, you might know it. If they were obviously cracked, you'd likely know it. If the coil cable was shorted out, you might be aware of that as well. But how do YOU know if the search coil is "out-of-spec?" Search coils are an integral part of the overall circuitry and they have to stay within a certain 'spec' to perform properly. If they are not, you can lose depth, lose a lot of function, and most of all end up losing any detection at all.

Reasonable charges.: Well, $50 to fix the general things that were required is reasonable, and since they no longer make the search coils for your detectors, then they know what a reasonable amount might be to repair what you have since they can't replace it. Totally repaired and functioning properly is better than having a non-working detector just sitting around. If they don't make that coil, then it would mean doing the rebuild to restore proper function, or they could look for a used model, buy it and hope the coil worked and just swap the coils. Then you would get a used, non-serviced coil, and foot the bill for acquiring the used unit to rob the coil from. That could cost more.

I know you posted this on the Tesoro Forum, and personally I think it should have stayed right there. It might point out a grumbling you have about cost, but it also points out the fact that Tesoro did, or was willing to do, the repair service work on a model to make it functional. It points to the fact that we can buy any used product and hope things work fine, but if they don't, it is nice to have a manufacturer who will take care of the consumer. In this case, it appears that Tesoro was doing just that.

Personally, I always try to check out any detector I am interested in prior to purchase. If buying 'mail order' you have to trust the seller's description. In your case, it might be that even the seller figured the detector's coil worked okay because they didn't have the equipment and knowledge to check it out and learn that it was sub-par.

Just my thoughts.


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Re: Tesoro COMPLAINT. Beware of buying USED machines
Posted by: scubadetector
Date: November 12, 2014 08:00AM
Monte. They still make the coils, they just hard wire them in now because they cannot get the connectors. They use your wire and connector. I just can't believe mine or Kevin's coils are bad. IF in fact they do leak, their MUST be a way to seal them WITHOUT having to rebuild the whole coil. Putting two small holes in it to drain the water and then seal the holes? NOT a clue here BUT as I said the machines worked fine except something internal was wrong.

I guess MY OWN BELIEF, is they need money and a good way to make it since they can't make it with machines under warranty is to find a way to gouge the people with machines out of warranty. I could be wrong but I did post this as a warning to any thinking of a used Tesoro. NO coil costs 139.00 to build IMO. Plastic and some copper wire. That is paying full retail. Not getting one repaired. AND if it leaks which it never did before, How does anyone know a company won't cut the plastic off, and put a new cover on it after it dries and call it good? WHY does it all have to be replaced?

You make some good points. They are willing to repair them. But we both had no problem with depth on our machines or any problems at all associated with the coils.

Re: Tesoro COMPLAINT. Beware of buying USED machines
Posted by: lytle78
Date: November 12, 2014 09:47AM
$50 to check the detector and repair/replace the board! And you are complaining!

Have you ever gotten an out of warranty consumer product repaired? The usual answer is - sorry, no can do - how about a discount on a new one.

As far as the coil. If you are so sure it's OK, then you got what you wanted , a repair of your unit and everything will be fine. If the coil is indeed part of the problem, you'll get it back and it still won't work - in that case maybe the manufactirer actually knew what they were talking about.

As far as $139 to fix it, that's two hours of touch time at $50/hr (damn cheap) plus materials. A steal.

Sorry, I just don't think your expectations are at all realistic.

Rick Kempf

Re: Tesoro COMPLAINT. Beware of buying USED machines
Posted by: scubadetector
Date: November 12, 2014 09:49AM
And maybe my expectations are not. Thank you for your reply. I really don't think the coils are bad.

Re: Tesoro COMPLAINT. Beware of buying USED machines
Posted by: lytle78
Date: November 12, 2014 10:26AM
hey Scubadetector,

Sorry if I came across all harsh. It's just that I have a soft spot for Tesoro. For years,they did free repars on pretty much whatever folks sent them. Now financial reality means that their warranty is going to be enforced on it's literal terms, life for the original purchaser with proof of purchase.

As far as their charges, they are way cheap in my experience. Your local car dealer's hourly rate is a heck of a lot more than what Tesoro's appears to be. Whites, a company I very much admire has what amounts to a $100 minimum charge (although their overall repair costs are very feasonable)

Hope your problems get resolved and don't be afraid to pick up the phone and call them. The lady who answers the ephone is very charming.

Best Regards

Rick Kempf

Re: Tesoro COMPLAINT. Beware of buying USED machines
Posted by: scubadetector
Date: November 12, 2014 11:54AM
No problem with anyone sounding harsh. EVERYONE has the right to what they believe. It is when you try to cram your own views down anyone's throat is where the problem lies. You have every right for your beliefs as I have for mine.

This post was mainly a WARNING to anyone thinking of a used Tesoro machine. IF they are having to replace all the coils to make money off of people because of all the machines they have to repair in warranty saying the coils are bad is a good way to do it for them and BAD for the customers. IF not and the coils are bad, it is a heads up to the costs you can incur.

NEW machines like the Umax cost 250.00 retail with the 8" coil I believe. That is including a retail store markup. I just can't believe ANY coil costs more than 50.00 to build. Just some copper wire and a plastic housing.

I can't prove our coils are good. I asked for them back with no repairs and will use them again. After being a cop for years I do have a distrust for people and companies.

Re: Tesoro COMPLAINT. Beware of buying USED machines
Posted by: scubadetector
Date: November 18, 2014 03:58PM

Today I got the two machines I sent off to Tesoro back. Kevin's had his 8" coil attached and they said they repaired the PCB and his coil leaks. Mine had the 10" coil attached and they didn't return my 8" Sent me this:

So Kevin's (my dive partner) leaks and he gets it back. Mine leaks and they toss it? Said it was full of water so they cut the cable off and tossed MY coil. I called and talked to Rusty. He said it didn't work. I told him THAT was the only coil I ever used and it worked fine. He called me a liar in so many words. I did call back and talk to the Owner Vince. I told him they had NO right destroying my property and keeping part of it. Actually I am LIVID. I found a lot of silver and some gold with that coil and it never gave me a problem.

I own a computer shop. I have been repairing them for over 20 years. I would NEVER take something out of a computer and say it was broke and toss it. THAT is for the customer and ONLY for the customer to decide.

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Re: Tesoro COMPLAINT. Beware of buying USED machines
Posted by: scubadetector
Date: November 18, 2014 04:56PM
I just got a call back from the owner. Here is the story his techs told him. My coil leaked in the pressure test. They cut it open and found they couldn't save it and tossed it. I COULD have accepted that story EXCEPT I sent in two machines. They called my friend Kevin and said his leaked also. They DIDN'T cut it open and try to repair it. They just sent it back after he declined the 139.00 repair bill.

WHY treat one machine different than the other?

However, Vince told me to send back the cable and they will build me a coil free of charge. ABOVE and BEYOND my expectation. I believe he is trying to make things right. I don't think he had a reason to lie to me and I told him that. I still don't understand why if BOTH coils leaked, why didn't the same procedure happen with both machines. Kevin still has the original coil and no new bottom or top. It always worked for him and never leaked. They didn't try to repair it like they supposedly did mine.

As I said, EVERYONE will have their own opinion and that is fine. This is just a heads up to anyone thinking of a used Tesoro. New ones will be fine, AS LONG as the company doesn't need to stay in business by gouging people with repair problems whose machines are out of warranty.

Tesoro was very generous for so many years doing repairs for free for non original owners
Posted by: jtalley007
Date: December 07, 2014 09:05PM
I hope this is something that can be resolved. No company can stay in business doing free repairs forever, at least they still have a lifetime warranty on new machines which nobody else does. With that said companies need to be fair and White's has a great reputation in this department. If you look at Tesoro coil prices they are by far the most reasonable. Coils can take on water and short out, you can't repair epoxy coils. I don't even currently own a Tesoro but do understand business and customer service. It seems they were agreeing to make it right so what else could anyone else expect? Hope everyone is happy in the end?

Re: Tesoro COMPLAINT. Beware of buying USED machines
Posted by: MoSafari
Date: December 07, 2014 10:15PM
I'm really sorry to hear of your problems with TESORO....

On your point that you repair computers, and you would never remove a part and toss it without the owners okay, you are absolutely right.

So, I agree, that if your coil was trashed, then, it should have been sent back to you if you declined to have it replaced, or, repaired. Since they said that they could not repair it, it should have been returned to you. Your friend got his coil back, you should have had yours sent back to you, as well.

It's like auto parts. if a shop says that my flux capacitior is bad, I want to have it returned to me when the repairs have been made. I may not know what was wrong with it, or, verify that it is bad, however, I want the old part back, just out of general principle.

I have a Tiger Shark that I bought used, and has been sitting in the shipping box for the last two years. I hope that it doesn't have problems, because now I am about to the point where I have this place functioning, or, will as soon as I buy a SMALL tractor with a front end loader for the garden and orchard work. THEN.... I plan to detect regularly utntil I die.

You might advertise on the various classified forums, for a tiger shark coil, like the one that they took from you. Someone may have a Tiger Shark beyond repair and willing to sell the coils.

I hope that I like the Tiger Shark as much as I like my Silver uMAX. Great to keep in the truck.

$50 fo rthe repair is GREAT.... not getting your coil back, is NOT SO GREAT.

Best of luck...

Your Complaint is legitimate.

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