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Posting from phones
Posted by: CT Todd
Date: September 25, 2018 08:26PM
To whoever
I'm a long time posting member here longer than it shows because of a name change. I'm going to give you my number one problem here. Not being able to post pictures directly from a phone without sizing and format changes. I am a tech industry guy and before your tech guy says it can't be done I'm here to say it can. We have the ability to do it on other non FB forums and have just changed to allow it recently on another forum. This needs to work from major brand phones to work from the standard photo settings in the phones. It's an ease of use thing and we will get more posts. Got storage problems? Dump everything that is over 5 years old. Nobody's looking at it anyway.
I'm on board with not calling the idiots , idiots and not mentioning non supporter stores. Makes sense but keep it easy to post.

Some of the idiots do need to be told and the sooner they move out of their mom's basements the better.

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Re: Posting from phones
Posted by: TechBill
Date: October 26, 2018 10:20AM
I am the administrator and the developer for this server.

This feature has been in the work for a long time coming and we are not only just adding the ability to post photo from the phone but, also to able to post video directly from the photo as well too.

Also, we are changing it to be a more responsive forum where the forum will adjust itself to be more eye friendlier depending on what platform you are viewing and using this forum from ie. desktop, mobile or tablet. We will be integrating all the social site into this forum which mean whatever you post here on this forum can also appear on your Facebook or social site page if you wish without having to re-type the post again. We are also improving the classified area and adding many other useful features to the new Findmall forum..

This been in the work for some time and there is even a beta Findmall up and running, however, there are still some things need to be done on it before it is ready for prime time. I ask everyone to keep in mind that there is only one developer here at Findmall doing all those developing and that I have a full time job working as a developer for a very large organization also I am a family man with 4 pre-teen kids so my time is scarce. I am doing the best I can do get this new Findmall site out as soon as possible.

I only ask one thing from every members on here is to be patience, it will be well worth it IMO.

Thank you,

P.S. Cat is out of the bag now .... :)

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