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EX ll Repaired By Service Center
Posted by: Justjohn
Date: September 28, 2018 04:41PM
Hi to all. I have been away from this forum for about 12 years or so, but now I have more time to pursue my hobbies. In 2005 I bought an explorer ll. I liked it so much that 3 months later, I bought another one as a backup. I checked out the new explorer and stored it in it's original box inside a large sealed storage bag. I continued to use the original one until 4 weeks ago when it was stolen from my truck. I unpacked the backup and when I checked it out , if it was shaken or the control housing was bumped it would operate intermittently. It would only do this if the coil was attached. I called the PA service center last Thursday and explained my problem to Jamie who explained they could not guarantee a repair due to parts availability but they would do their best and shipping instructions would follow. I shipped my ex ll that same afternoon with a Monday delivery. Monday afternoon, John the tech repairing my ex called to make sure understood the problem and suggested he also replace all the rubber washers in the latches and coil. On Tuesday afternoon John called again to tell me my ex was repaired and he took the time to explain in detail exactly what he did. He was very thorough. He told me the charges and I gave him the payment info. My ex arrived today, 8 days after I sent it in. I haven't had service this good in a while. Five out of five stars for Minelab. In case you're wondering, the entire bill was less than $100.00 including return shipping.

Re: EX ll Repaired By Service Center
Posted by: BigTony
Date: September 28, 2018 05:12PM
Sorry to hear about your lost EXP 2 but happy to hear your backup is repaired.

And of course happy to hear about the good service.

Best of luck,


PS: I also have an EXP 2 as a backup, just in case but lately I am using the NOX

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