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Low Country Partner
Posted by: EL Pulltabio
Date: April 13, 2016 03:35PM
I detect saltwater beaches at night for a variety of reasons. I have enjoyed a fair measure
of success. I've returned 12 rings to owners and ask for no reward in return.
From January until the end of February I go inland and look for
Civil War relics. The sites I select are computer researched and some have been productive while
others have not.
I've got my eye on a location that will be difficult to reach. A kayak will be necessary to get to it (I have one).
Then there may be knee deep muck to wade through.
The plan is this....detect beaches with me and if I think you're the right guy I'll share my research. We'd hunt it together.
Oh, it my be hazardous to reach the above's not for the faint of heart.

Re: Low Country Partner
Posted by: chuck, ky
Date: April 13, 2016 04:56PM
Go during the driest time of the year, the muck may not be as bad.

Re: Low Country Partner
Posted by: Dighistory
Date: September 10, 2016 09:58PM
Wishing I was closer to your area...but for now I only get to the beach a couple of times a year...

I also hunt salt water beaches at night...Family is all tucked in, No sunburn, No curiosity interruptions (I'm too polite and lose valuable hunting time), at night usually have the beach to myself...although friendly beach drunks almost always throw money when they see you detecting I picked up 8 dollars that way at one pier.
Believe in and really enjoy returning items personally identifiable.
I have a Liquid Logic XP10 kayak
Really enjoy researching whenever I can't hunt.

My Hunting partner requirements
Must fill holes
Must remove and dispose of dug trash properly
Must get permission where applicable
Must be courteous to others

Best of luck finding that right hunting partner.

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