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Ron Paul may be liberal in some areas and not eager to go to war, he is a strict constitutionalists and is not spend crazy like some of the others. He also stated that if elected he would lower his salary to $39,000 a year. He also served in the military.
Posted by: TwoRivers
Date: January 26, 2012 07:29AM
I kind of think his good points far out way his bad, a good congress and senate should keep the President in check. From what I've read Newt supported NAFTA which sent jobs out of the country, he helped give our trade rights over to the WTO. Will we find a perfect president, probably not.. Trying to change things in Washington is like climbing a 200 ft tree and trying to chop it down from the top.
It would probably be better to start right in our own communities and (make sure) our public servants are willing to serve and listen to the public in regard to what they want done. To many are just trying to make a name for themselves and filling their and their friends pockets at our expense.. Dig the roots up..(at home)..and that big tree will topple over a lot easier..

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