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The Second Time Around
Posted by: dr 4 leaf Clover
Date: October 10, 2014 01:05PM
After gaining a lot more experience over the past year since I got my Garrett 350, I've decided to go through my back yard again for the second time around.

This second time has been very rewarding and exciting. I found that my Garrett 350 and my Garrett pin pointer do an outstanding job in finding what was once lost. This second time around I found a 1948 Jefferson nickel, a 1944 S wheat penny, a1964 penny and a musket ball. The musket ball was found by where a huge tree once stood. It was petty well rotted out/gone when I moved here almost 30 years ago. I was digging in the corner on the yard because the Garrett signal was going off. I dig some more and the pin pointer was beeping. I dug some more and dug up some metal fragments and nails. I dug some more. I was a good 2 feet deep when I found the metal ball. I cleaned it up and it was a little rusty. I showed the ball to my neighbor and he agreed with me it was a musket ball! The 1948 nickel was 2 feet north of where I found the musket ball and it was a foot deep in the ground. The nickel was 1 foot from the neighbor's fence. Further down my yard about 30 feet away, 1 foot from the neighbor's fence I found the 1944 S penny. The 1964 penny was found near the found near the foundation of the garage. I think for every coin or good relic I find I must of found a dozen nails. I think I found enough nails to re-shingle my roof!!! I have also found some very old soda bottle caps. Some are pretty rusted and a few still have some of the cork left on the inside. I have also found 2 old overalls buttons and a very old and fragile belt buckle. I have also found part of an old narrow oval tobacco can. I'm thinking tobacco can because my grandfather had some from when he was smoking his pipes.

I have learned from the forum that I should dig every time the detector goes off and it pays off. I discovered that my detector will find things that are real deep. Yesterday I dug over 2 feet deep and found some old cans. I have just started digging in that area. Two years ago when I buried my dog in my yard I came upon part of a dump sight. I guess that this is part of it. I will start digging it up to see what treasure I can find there. However, I can only dig a few hours at a time because my back will get to sore to continue.

It doesn't matter that I'm digging up my back yard because it gives me practice on how to dig with out making a mess out of the lawn and my lawn is really groomed crabgrass and other weeds. At least its green!

I have learned a lot from others who have posted on this Find's Treasure Forums. I have learn from those articles on going over areas that were picked over before. Thank you guys from your postings. It makes finding things fun!

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