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Hidden GT in Massachusetts
Posted by: MassSaltH2O
Date: July 26, 2016 05:50PM
Greetings. I know where there is a ghost town here in Massachusetts.
I know what the name of the town was.
I have been there several times.
There's lots and lots of stone walls. And cellar holes. No standing buildings.
And a big rock in what used to be the town center with town names and arrows
Carved in in. This town existed in the mid 1800's.
Here's the sad thing:
For some reason, the locals are hiding this GT. It's deep in the woods.
No one except some locals knows that this GT even exists.
No matter how much research you do online,
You can't find any referrence to this GT by name or even its existence.
Absolutley not found on any colonial maps of the day.
For some reaon the locals want this GT to gradually disappear without a trace.
I dont know why.
I think that it is sad and a disgrace to all the pioneers that established
This town way out in the boonies during the violent French and Indian War. (King Georges War).
This particular town was never attacked and pillaged by the Indians, however.
Kind of a sad feeling when you go there. You will never see another soul around.
It's that remote. You can see the the GT sinking into oblivion.
Not one in one hundred thousand people even know of the existance of this GT.
This would be virgin territory for a GT treasure hunter.
I guess this is why the locals are hiding this town.
They dont want any strangers poking around.
They are always changing and disguising the dirt road and paths that lead to this area.
Even if you know where the general location of this GT is,
It can be a real challenge to relocate it again in person.
Strange people....:ban:

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