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BB's X-Terra 30 Field Test (very very long)
Posted by: BarnacleBill
Date: November 21, 2005 09:06PM
Let me first say I did not seek out the opportunity to test the X-Terra 30. I have never owned, nor used a Minelab machine. In examining the reports and experiences related by other detectorists, I have never felt a compelling need to purchase one of their products. Therefore when I was contacted and offered the opportunity to test the X-30, I immediately asked what was expected of me, and if there were any strings attached? And I was told no, relate what you feel good or bad in your test. If I had been restricted in any way from relating my opinion, then I would have refused the machine. But at the same time with no restrictions on what I say, I feel obligated to do as thorough and balanced a review as possible.

Like most detectorists my buying decisions are related to where and what I hunt for, therefore this field test should be viewed in that light. I spend 90% of my time freshwater hunting both in dry sand, and wading. The rest is spent at the ocean, and on a very rare occasion I will land hunt. So my hunting objectives revolve mostly around gold jewelry hunting and any old coins I happen upon. I have the good fortune to have private access to areas containing thousands of non-ferrous targets, most of them being trash. Those areas also have good targets co-mixed with beds of nails that have been in the sand for up to 300 years.

Therefore the most important machine characteristics for my type of freshwater hunting in order of importance are:

1.Clean rejection of iron, while
2.maintaining good sensitivity to low conductivity items and,
3.very precise ID of targets.
4.Depth while important at the ocean and in less trashy areas, serves little purpose if the machine does poorly in heavy iron.

Good precision in Disc capability and stable ID are also extremely important to me. For example, being able to eliminate micro-foil while maintaining good response on larger pieces of foil is a prerequisite. Or another is, the ability to ID trash items such as .410 shotgun brass, and still have the other items just above or below on the conductivity scale correctly ID

Re: Thanks nice reportN/T
Posted by: ohio fred
Date: November 22, 2005 06:07AM

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Great report Bill...
Posted by: Jackpine Savage
Date: November 22, 2005 06:48AM
Thanks for taking the time to come up with such a detailed and comprehensive "beach" report. This is good info to know for those of us that spend a lot of time beach and water hunting.

Nice report and much appreciated!!


Nice report, Bill.
Posted by: Monte
Date: November 22, 2005 08:08AM
It's good to read this from the standpoint of an avid beach hunter. I have to agree with most everything you said, but I might add a thought or two that crossed my mind when I read it (if you don't mind).


For the general detecting public:

Once the coil shaft length issue is addressed, this would make a great casual, guest, or newbie machine."
... Yep, right on! You are probably use to operating with a greater rod extension than many of us due to the open beach areas you hunt. Even my 6foot

Re: BB's X-Terra 30 Field Test (very very long)
Posted by: Cody
Date: November 22, 2005 02:13PM
This has to be the most in depth well done and explained test I have see to date on a detector. Great job and answered a lot of questions and some before I thought of them. I must say I am impressed.

Thanks for being objective. Again, great test and report.


Because of space limitations the Gold Chain & Earring
Posted by: BarnacleBill
Date: November 22, 2005 06:52PM
listed in the Airtest Chart were not included in the original post.


Thanks Tom, but soon to be ,"ice hunting"(sigh).N/T
Posted by: BarnacleBill
Date: November 22, 2005 07:03PM

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Thanks Cody, appreciate your kind words!N/T
Posted by: BarnacleBill
Date: November 22, 2005 08:02PM

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Well done Bill
Posted by: Neil
Date: November 23, 2005 08:03AM
Ive especially been looking for info on how the Xterras respond to the smaller gold and react to wet salt sand and youve answered that.
Nice honest report Bill,
Thanks alot,

Thanks Neil,
Posted by: BarnacleBill
Date: November 27, 2005 06:42PM
finding that small gold amongst rusty nails is my main interest and challenge. I find that ID machines do that better for me than simple beepers. Thus my interest in any new ID machines that become available.


-Hi barnacle bill did you try the x50 or the x70 on a --
Posted by: Johny uma
Date: January 15, 2007 02:58PM
test i go on slatwarter and in blacksand and would like too know if thay seem o.k. thank you.

Posted by: Johny uma
Date: January 15, 2007 03:11PM
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