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Saltwater Beach and The X-Terra 30
Posted by: wpaxt
Date: November 27, 2005 01:28AM
Well, thank goodness, time finally permitted my trek to the saltwater beaches of Southern California with the X-Terra 30. I was able to hunt Santa Monica at low tide for nearly three hours today. So here goes:


The 30 ran smoothly in the wet with the sensitivity anywhere 6 to 8. Anything above that became too noisy for me. For the most part I ran it at 7 but had to back off to 6 in a couple of areas near the pier. The detector remained quiet even when the search coil was submerged in the surf.

For the most part I hunted the wet sand area, but I did try the dry and was able to run the sensitivity up to 10 without any falsing.

Clad coins were fairly prevalent thanks to my hitting a coin line. Depth was very acceptable with most recoveries being in the 4

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