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Dime slayer
Posted by: therover
Date: February 16, 2019 05:33PM
Finally got a chance to get out with my X-Terra 705 and 9 inch LF concentric coil. I have read somewhere that the optimal frequency for snagging dimes is around 2.5-3 kHz.

Well...I got about 20-25 dimes at a local park today. All clad but still. They all hit high tone in the 40-42 range. Very easy to tell zinc pennies from dimes/copper pennies since the zinc pennies hit in the 30-32 range while the coppers hit 36-38. Didn't dig anything lower than 30 so I dug very little if any tabs, foil, screw caps, junk targets. Didn't get many targets in the 12-16 range so no nickles today. Got fooled once on a deep steel what looks like a bolt (it's all dirty so not even sure if it's steel, copper or possibly brass. I just tossed it in the sack). Main objective was to clad hunt dimes and quarters with the new coil and learn how it works and the ID numbers it produces. Ran program 1, sensitivity 25, 4 tones.

Fun day out for a few hours since it's stir crazy season with all the snow and cold. Sunny and 45...balmy today.

Next outing I am going to hook up my Garrett Z-Lynk to the X-Terra. Looks like that set up is gonna be nice.

Always liked the X-Terra platform. Lightweight, good ID and tone, lots of coil options and great performance. I have mine on a Plugger shaft since I like how that feels as opposed to the stock configuration.

Can't wait to get out again. Been too long.

Re: Dime slayer
Posted by: 7centsworth
Date: February 17, 2019 06:04PM
Sounds like you had a good hunt. I to like my 3khz coils. I haven’t got to detect in a while though. Congratulations

Christian Ky Boy
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