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At The Beach With The New 18.75 kHz Coil
Posted by: wpaxt
Date: January 03, 2006 12:59AM
Well, after having received the X-Terra 50 18.75 kHz coil just before Christmas, I finally had a full weekend set aside to run it through a field test.

And if any of you saw the Rose Parade today, you can see that timing is everything. Naturally I picked a weekend that featured the worst weather we have had out here in quite some time. Rain, rain and more rain, coupled with high winds.

So my testing at a few local parks obviously didn

Re: At The Beach With The New 18.75 kHz Coil
Posted by: Eddie Currents
Date: January 03, 2006 08:01AM
I'm intested in knowing if the high frequency coil can find small gold jewelry items such as small chains (without pendant).

Do you have a small gold chain you can test the machine with?


I Intend To This Week
Posted by: wpaxt
Date: January 03, 2006 11:09AM
But in the meantime you should check out Mike's excellent post from Dec. 23rd:,258638,258638#msg-258638


Re: I Intend To This Week
Posted by: Mike Bearden
Date: January 03, 2006 12:35PM
Late yesterday afternoon I had a friend call to make sure I would be home before he came to visit. His family owns a local pawnshop and jewelry store and I asked him to bring over as many gold chains and small gold objects as possible. Anything from medium to very thin link designs including rings,studs,loops, and cuff links. He knows I detect and was eager to help for curiosity sake if nothing else :)
When he arrived we put on a fresh pot of coffee and took everything outside. He brought a good mix of targets, matter of fact I loaded every one of them that would register into my EX II for obvious reasons and saved it.
I only tried the thin chains on the Explorer, X-Terra, Tejon, and the MXT as they are the ones I find the least of.
Out of 47 thin chains, the X-Terra 50 w/18.75 coil hit all of them but 3.
Using the same 47 chains, the MXT only missed 11 of them.
The Tejon missed 19.
The Explorer missed 19.
Exact science ? NO
I simply set up each detector where they ran stable with as much sensitivity allowed and ZERO discrimination .... period !
I only had one detector turned on at a time.
I started at a measured 5" from the coil and continued down the scale until the detector did or did not give a "dig me" signal.
The X-Terra not only hit the MOST targets but it hit them from further away and it hit many targets that the others simply DID NOT.
Granted, most of these finer link chains did not hit until they were at least 3" from the coils, some even closer.
But the smallest, thin, 10K gold wedding band will simply blow your ears out from 8-10" away with the 18.75 coil. It's impressive.
I'm looking forward to the upcoming season when others will take the X-50 out with this coil and post their results, it should be interesting.
Now, will I sell my other detectors because of this little test ? Of course not, they all have their place but if I'm looking for jewelery the X-50 is what I'll reach for first.
Time will tell, it always does.

Re: I Intend To This Week
Posted by: Ralph Bryant
Date: January 03, 2006 12:51PM
Hi Mike,

Were your tests "air tests" or did you do them against the background mineralization with the items lying on the ground ?

The 18.75 and X-50 are sounding like an awsome jewelry combo.


So I Guess I Can "Table" The Bench Testing...
Posted by: wpaxt
Date: January 03, 2006 12:57PM
First bad pun of the New Year.

Nice work, Mike. The possibilities of the X-50 with the 18.75 kHz coil are very intriguing. Now to find a spot where there is some fine gold waiting to be found...


I can see it now.....
Posted by: Ralph Bryant
Date: January 03, 2006 01:08PM
A bunch of guys walking around the dry sand beaches with magnifying glass head gear and flour sifters. :) Maybe they will release a 5 inch high frequency coil before long. Would be great for that "micro-gold" hunting, and I would bet would put those 3 undetectable chains of Mike's back in the plus column. "Micro-gold" hunting has always been an interesting pursuit with the Gold Bug II, but this is beginning to sound almost as good.


On the ground
Posted by: Mike Bearden
Date: January 03, 2006 01:22PM
I did the test on a patch of ground that took me more than a week to get cleaned up for a coin garden. Everything was tested with the targets on the same piece of ground, one at a time.
I don't mean to imply that the X-50 w/18.75 coil will be better than a dedicated gold detector by any stretch of the imagination, however, the results I'm getting are far better than I hoped for in a multi use detector by a long shot.
My local ground is fairly hot, the X-50 ground balances at 3-4 before it goes neutral. The Explorer will just about stay in a constant null over most of my property if that tells you anything.

Re: On the ground
Posted by: Ralph Bryant
Date: January 03, 2006 01:37PM
Thanks Mike,

If it beat out the MXT on small gold, that is saying something !


Great Job Mick
Posted by: dirtdog
Date: January 03, 2006 04:06PM
Always nice to have friends with a stash of loot. Did you happen to record the ID Numbers, that would be interesting

Re: Great Job Mick
Posted by: Mike Bearden
Date: January 03, 2006 05:11PM
No I didn't, but did notice again that almost all 3, 6, and 9 readings were on the small stuff. Bigger items like a mans gold ring hit like silver for the most part and I'm sure anybody would take it as a "dig me" type tone on the X-50.

Re: On the ground
Posted by: idagon
Date: January 03, 2006 09:35PM
Ok, that does it!

I was going to order an MXT, but after reading all of this X-Terra business (especially with the 18.75 coil)

I ordered an X-terra 50!!

Can someone let me know when a dealer in the USA gets an 18.75 in stock?

My "X" machine should be here tomorrow



Re: I Intend To This Week
Posted by: Eddie Currents
Date: January 04, 2006 07:28PM
My thanks to Mike Bearden for posting the info on the 47-chain test. Very, very interesting.

I'm wondering how those same machines would have done in all-metal mode?

Just a thought.


Thanks Mike, that's a valuable report. :thumbup:
Posted by: BobH
Date: January 04, 2006 08:14PM

Good question EC
Posted by: Mike Bearden
Date: January 04, 2006 10:56PM
I guess there's just to many variables between detectors and so many different compositions of gold and designs in the mix to ever know for sure. Especially with thin gold chains.
Like the EX II and the Tejon for instance, the 19 chains that each one missed were NOT the same chains. In other words, some of the chains the EX II wouldn't hit on out of that 19 didn't exactly match the 19 the Tejon missed and vice-versa.
I ran them all with zero disc with as much sens as possible and still have stability for the fairest test I could come up with at the time. Mainly because of the differences between the detectors all metal modes. Some are silent search and some are threshold based.
However, the EX II's threshold would break on some of the targets but I wouldn't call it a null as we know it. Iron mask On -16, 32 auto sens, faint threshold. The Tejons all metal mode is just to Waverly to get discernible results IMO.
Like I said, not exact science by a long shot but interesting and surprising results for me at least.
Before I got the 18.75 coil I was simply HOPING the coil would give somewhere close to the MXT performance and ended up getting pleasantly surprised.

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