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X-Terra 70 shutting down
Posted by: paleface
Date: September 13, 2006 11:48PM
Has anyone had any problems with their 70 turning itself off? I have had mine start acting up lately, using the 10x5 E. 18.75 DD for both coin hunting and also for meteorites. Acts like a short, goes off if you bump something with the coil and sometimes will not start right back up when you try to turn it on. Last time out in the hills, it would not turn back on, got home and it started right up and worked find in the back yard, took it to the park yesterday and it worked fine for the full 2 hours of hunting. Got me stumped..


Re: X-Terra 70 shutting down
Posted by: maddogg
Date: September 14, 2006 10:44AM
I have also had this problem. Just the other day I sat it down and it shut off and when i would hit the power button i would hear a tone and nothing. so I opened the battery door and jiggled the batteries a bit and it started to work again. i have had that happen two time now.

Re: X-Terra 30 also does it!!
Posted by: Welsh Neil
Date: September 16, 2006 06:48AM
Its happened to me several times when I lay the machine down when digging - its really annoying and not a battery issue! Can anyone from Minelab who I presume read this forum confirm why this happens?

Diolch yn fawr

Re: X-Terra 30 &70 also does it!!
Posted by: hardrockminer
Date: September 16, 2006 01:46PM
Am a newbie to prospecting not coin-shooting( have XLT,MXT GM4b & now X-TERRA 70). Got a X-TERRA 70 a few months ago (thought it would be a better machine for prospecting gold in highly mineralized area). I started having the same issues you all have had--machine turning off periodically. Then it got worse in a 4 hr period last weekend it turned off at least 30 times (I was ready to wrap it around a tree!!). Talked to a mine-lab dealer & he had seen this issue before ( I was ready to send it in for repair ). The issue is when transporting the machine in a vehicle or ATV with the spring side down in the battery compartment the weight of the batteries compresses the spring & weakings it (it's a real poor, light weight spring). The solution was to reach in carefully and restretch the springs. And when transporting it, to remove the batteries (a pain in the butt). A DISCLAIMER: RESTRETCHING THE SPRING COULD VOID THE WARRANTY (but it works) When you jar the machine, it to causes the batteries to bounce off of the plate on the battery door, disconnecting the power & shutting off.-----In my opinion:---- Minelab needs to go back & put better springs( spiral heavy) in & while they are at it gold plate battery contacts & audio plug for better trouble free operation.

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Re: X-Terra 70 shutting down
Posted by: wwace
Date: September 16, 2006 07:31PM
When I got mine it would not turn on for several minutes after the switch was pushed, returned that and am happy with the second one.

Re: X-Terra 30 &70 - hardrockminer
Posted by: Welsh Neil
Date: September 17, 2006 04:21AM
Thats very interesting and makes complete sense! The one piece of equipment on the X-Terra I personally thought felt very cheap and flimsy was the battery compartment. May try stretching the springs myself if this issue continues.


Re: X-Terra 70 shutting down
Posted by: GaryC/SanBdno
Date: September 17, 2006 02:33PM
The 50 has the same problem. Had mine since December and it turned itself off maybe fifty times in the field. Sent it in and they changed the screen, which was nice, but didn't solve anything. Its the battery setup, contact, door. Something that is certainly annoying! Just got a 70 and was not happy to see I can expect to see the same problems here. GaryC/SanBdno.

Re: X-Terra 30 &70 - hardrockminer
Posted by: Texas T
Date: September 17, 2006 07:09PM
Maddog, Thank YOU neil, THANK you, Hardrock. I was considering an XT-70,however I don,t think I am interested in parking a brand new car on a hill and then releasing the hand break to start-her up to get to work.With a name like TERRA- it has a reputatrion to live up to I suppose. Then again a little SPRING in life might be juat the T H I N G!

Re: X-Terra 30 , 50 & 70 also does it!!
Posted by: hardrockminer
Date: September 23, 2006 02:06AM
Went out again, and had it shut down a few times again. Went on the forums to see if this issue was common problem & saw posts about the X-TERRA 30,50 & 70 in the past with the same issue. In my opinion Minelab should have fixed the problem before the 70 came out as it is the third one out. Prospecting is in ruffer terrain & will make the issue worse. The machine is sensitive in the prospecting mode when it's running. In hunts & when prospecting you can't be turning on the machine and resetting up all the time ( I've never had this issue with my other metal detectors ). I expected more from a company from the rugged outback. ---------------Am sending in my machine for repair---------And if I get it back and it still has the same issue-----will sell it -------

Re: X-Terra 70 shutting down
Posted by: southerndesert
Date: September 28, 2006 10:59PM
A friend told me when I had the same problem with my X-70 to use a length of dental floss, double it into a loop and lower it into the battery compartment and then VERY carefully pull the springs up a little bit. I did this and have had no further problems. I figured bouncing it around on the quad caused the problem in the first place so I now remeve batteries while buzzing around.


Re: X-Terra 30 &70 - hardrockminer
Posted by: Mike2
Date: October 03, 2006 04:55AM
Wall this is great news I just got a X70 today, apart from the bat trouble is it a good unit?


Re: X-Terra 70 shutting down
Posted by: jackintexas
Date: October 05, 2006 09:50AM
On my Exterra 50 I have a simular problem as my audio cuts off but my video stays on. When hunting I don't know if there are no targets where I am hunting or if my audio is not working. I too jiggle the batteries and it starts working again. I have been using everyready alkaline but yesterday I changed to Duracell. The Duracells to me look a little larger phyically.

Re: X-Terra 70 Springs aren't always the issue
Posted by: hardrockminer
Date: November 15, 2006 12:28AM
Got control head back from Minelab about 2 weeks ago ( they tested the control head & said it tested out allright (& they could not duplicate the problem ), they did swap the unit out with a new unit though. When I connected my elipitical coil to the new head and turned on unit it started shutting of again ( no error messages ). Checked connections, still shutting off. Put on original coil problem went away & worked fine. Called Minelab & explained issue. They sent a new replacement elipitical coil. MINELAB DOES HAVE A GOOD WARRANTY


Cooler weather-Beeping time:detecting:

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Re: X-Terra 70 shutting down
Posted by: TvilleJim
Date: November 15, 2006 04:15PM
My Xterra 50 kept doing the same thing of shutting down when you laid it down or bumping the coil. I sent it in to minelab and they put a new face plate on but did not fix it. Got it back and it still did the same thing. I opened the battery door and stuck my knife under the metal contact and bent it upward just a hair and I haven't had a problem since. Just be very careful because it is a very cheap set up. Keep swinging. Jim

Re: X-Terra 70 shutting down
Posted by: SEMPERFI61
Date: November 15, 2006 06:45PM

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