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Re: faults of the x-70....
Posted by: Mick in Dubbo
Date: January 24, 2007 12:57AM
The only 2 minor faults that you may come across are, weak battery springs and some people have had a bit of trouble with the speaker cutting out.I think that these are mainly on the early machines that came out as I haven't seen either of these faults talked about for quite a while, which is good news.
Mick Evans.

Not many...
Posted by: Bavaria Mike
Date: January 24, 2007 09:54AM
I have around 40 hours on my XT70, it is a great machine and I really like it! The only faults I can say are, I do not care for the way it pinpoints, pushing the button on, pinpoint, then pushing it off, I prefer a trigger but I have been using trigger type pinpointing on detectors all my 17 years of detecting. It falls over easily when you sit it down to dig a target, the stabilizer could be a bit bigger. The lack of coils for it, I would like to have a larger coil say 12"-15" and I know a few would like a smaller coil. Probably just a matter of time on the coils. It does well in trashy areas and separates targets well, will probably do great with a small coil in trashy areas. HH, Mike

thanks again.
Posted by: seeker41
Date: January 24, 2007 10:52AM
wow! thanks for all the great feedback. the low audio may be a problem for me since i have hearing problems. i asked the same question on the t2 forum concerning the t2 because i am trying to decide between the t2 and the x70. i got one reply so far and it said something like, read through previous posts.(been doing that for over a month) so if anyone here can compare the t2 and the x70 id appreciate it.

Re: faults of the x-70....
Posted by: kris
Date: January 25, 2007 01:15AM
I think the coils are made in metric sizes so it`s to the nearest inch.

Thank you, Seeker41....
Posted by: Dick from IA
Date: January 25, 2007 07:21AM
....for starting this thread and also thanks to the many who replied in support of the XTerra 70. As you know, Seeker, I've been battling my X70 for some time, and only now am I beginning to realize what a special detector this is. I've even had it up for sale on another forum, as you know, but I'm going to be retracting it today.

My problem was me, not the X70. I keep comparing it to my Ace 250, which I had success with prior to getting the X70, and wasn't willing to give it the time it deserved. Well, now I am giving it the time and am I impressed:clapping: Deeper seeking, better pinpointing, smooth tones, manual GB, Threshold, Prospecting mode & does it ever love quarters:crazy:

I, too, have slight hearing loss. No problems at all for me hearing the tones, and they aren't harsh tones; very pleasant to listen to.

I don't know the T2, but from what I've heard, I'll take the XTerra just for the shorter learning curve.

Good Luck with your decision and hope to see you at Beetle's Seeded Hunt, should he schedule another one.

Dick from IA
Fort Dodge Iowa

The Audio has not been a problem for me
Posted by: Capphd
Date: January 25, 2007 08:14AM
If I turn it all the way up, it hurts my ears.

Re: faults of the x-70....
Posted by: Mike2
Date: January 25, 2007 08:03PM
The only issue I have is the head phone jack cover its cheap and hard to get back in place,


Re: faults of the x-70....
Posted by: nugget71
Date: January 25, 2007 11:36PM

Re: Weaknesses......
Posted by: pb-to-au
Date: January 26, 2007 06:37AM
Hey Digger it finally froze up here! First year I ever saw that you could dig or water hunt after Christmas! My fault with the 70 was (and is still a little) it's tendency to give audio and meter readings on SOME iron targets in the positive 30 to 44 (across the whole scale from 30 on up) along with little if any threshold dropoff. Enough of these to present an issue anyway. I posted the query a while ago and got some input and I discovered a couple of things on my own. Here is what I came up with (still a work in progress)Suggestions were to run in all metal, change the sweep speed(I was already doing that) and some other things. I now run as my primary pattern blocking the first two negative numbers but allowing the rest of the negative numbers to sound off. I found this greatly helps notify me of iron but does not overwhelm me with iron low audio tones like all metal.Next I really swing fast and or chop past the target, listning for any indication the signal is failing. Most times your numbers will go to hell on the negative side, you will start out with a 34 and it will go 34 30 32 28 14 20 something like that. I make at least four or five quick passes over the target. I also find that if your numbers tend to accumulate( start with a 34 and go 36 34 32 38 36) you most likely have a good target near junk. That seems to take care of most of the 'false' targets that look and sound great but turn out to be iron junk. And then there is always the piece of junk God wants you to dig no matter WHAT you do!

Anyway, the xterra-70 does have that fault, most detectors have this fault to a greater or lesser degree or some other 'issue' in their operation you have to learn to get around or put up with. Try opening up a couple of iron numbers so you hear some low iron , run only 3 tones (not 4) so the false signals don't keep grabbing your attention( a lot of them make the 4 th tone sound off), and really zip the coil past the target very fast a few times, watching for lowering numbers and/or audio tones. A good target will seldom be missed with this routine, they usually keep decent numbers and audio no matter how fast you chop the coil past them.

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Good point.....
Posted by: Digger
Date: January 26, 2007 08:57AM
That "chop" sweep, as you describe it, has been very effective in my Musky hunting. Even though the technology of the X-Terra is much different than the Advantage, I find many of the techniques I use on it are applicable to the X-Terra. If you get a chance to read "Musky Hunting Made Easy", it will better explain what I am referring to. Thanks for the input. HH Randy

Hi Seeker 41, Maybe this will help.
Posted by: NH Bob
Date: January 26, 2007 12:29PM
I'm getting another X-Terra70. Liked it so much I can't stand it. Third Explorer and I'm choosing the X 70 .


Re: faults of the x-70....
Posted by: Carolina Phil
Date: January 27, 2007 11:38AM
My only complaint is the flawed design of the X-terra's stand. The detector will fall over. The stand is neither wide nor tall enough. The battery compartment being at the top of the control box makes the problem worse, by making the detector top heavy when on its stand. It's best to lay the detector on its side when putting it down so that a fall over will not damage the control box.

to many to list - get the T-2N/T
Anonymous User
Date: January 30, 2007 03:06PM

(This message does not contain any text.)

My take on it.
Posted by: bfodnes
Date: January 31, 2007 08:58AM
The 70 is a very good allround detector. My impression of the detector after some moths hold some points to be aware of but its not really faults, more like you have to be aware in some applications.

I had to cut off the lower stem a few inches to make it adjust for both me and my son, no problem and they now have a shorter one for a few bucks.

The detector is very deep on higher conductors and bigger Items, I think thats why You see so many very satisfied users in US ( im in Europe)It will have no problems finding US coinage deep.Way better then average! Deep coins can give a solid 48 reading, You must use prospect mode to tell if such a signal is a hotrock. I have found a halfdollar sice coppercoin at 15"

A little less sensitive to the lower conductors and no deeper then the average detectors on those targets, in Europe the elusive hammered is in foil and nickel range.Helps a little with the 18 khz coil but it still is average in that class.This also helps the US coin hunter in that way that coins smash through the small trash better.Small hammered coinage can give a -2-4 ID. Seems like it ID lower conductors lower and higher conductors higher then it should.

The sensitivity has a huge gap from lowest to highest, not like Tesoro or similar with only 20% visible depth loss in airtests. Test for yourself and meausere it on your coins. This has some benefit in deep iron that it wont mask the shallow coins but also may fool you on depth capability if you dont understand the broad adjustment range and think its just another detector.

Prospect mode is more sensitive to lower conductors aswell as coins but You WILL need the best headphones You can get. Iron mask in a true allmetal mode is really a very good addition to this detector, but beware, it has a very slow recovery after a null. If you undrestand when to use that option you will get "impossible" finds.

Recovery speed in disc is fast if you detect wide open and let the tones tell you, disc out something and its not so fast after a null.Still ok though.

Use track ON, it is a better discriminator to Iron with that on.In some places go to manual balance and use 2+ offset. I am still testing that out though, I dont know if Minelab have the track allready at some +.

The sound seems to me a bit crispy, i cant get a clear tone in mine in anything but prospect mode. Maybe mine but think not. There is some low crisp to the beginning and end of the signal.Its the same with many phones too.

Thats all I can think of now.


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Good post Bjorn!!
Posted by: Jackpine Savage
Date: January 31, 2007 09:31AM
Well stated!

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