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X-70 on wet ocean sand
Posted by: Dan(NM)
Date: February 28, 2007 09:38PM
I was wondering what kind of performance some of you guys have had at the ocean beach with the x-70. Also what coil seems to work the best, and are you getting decent depth as well. Thanks.

Re: X-70 on wet ocean sand
Posted by: Neil
Date: March 04, 2007 05:19AM
Hi Dan,

Ive only tried two coils so far there, the stock coil and yesterday I took the hi freq 10X5. I was able to run the sens two numbers higher on the DD coil and have smooth performance. I found clad coins only, no jewelry which isnt suprising for this time of year. I was able to get the sens to 18 on the DD but no higher than 16 on the stock 7.5khz. This was wet sand hunting right at low tide. I did dig some small aluminum pieces and corroded 22 cal shells at about 5" which is pretty good I think. I will know better come tourist season how well it does on gold although I may take some over before and test it with it.


Re: X-70 on wet ocean sand
Posted by: BarnacleBill
Date: March 04, 2007 08:05AM
Hi Dan,

Much of it depends on the make-up of the sand, and it would probably be more accurate if you asked about a particular area. As an example I can travel along a coastal route of 60 miles with beaches A,B,C,D(these are real beaches by the way). At beach "A" the black sand is mild and the X70 is a good choice, and will do well depth and stability wise. Drive 20 minutes to beach "B" which has heavy black sand deposits, and you really should use a multi-freq or PI. On the X70 sensitivity will have to be reduced and you will lose a couple inches to a multi-freq.

Drive 20 minutes to beach "C" which has moderate black sand, and the X70 will run stable with the loss of maybe an inch to a multi-freq depending on how the black sand is laying that day. It changes concentration and location depending on tides & weather etc.

Drive another 20 minutes to beach "D" and you now arrive at what I consider the brink of detector hell. It is a cobble field beach with very heavy black sand that multi-freq VLF's have trouble with. I have to reduce sensitivity on a CZ-20(8 inch coil) down to the 3-4 setting, and even then it falses. By the way my CZ-20(8 inch coil) may be a factory freak because I can run Sens at 10 on beaches A,B, & C. So taking any single freq VLF there, including the X70, is a total waste of time.

I think the only answer on beach "D" may be a PI, but it is a low fun factor beach. And what I mean by low fun factor is that digging in the cobbles is a major PITA to start with, and if you couple that with all the iron(and there's a ton) to dig with a PI, does not make it a high spot on my detecting list.

I guess it's kind of like asking about hunting Bears with a heavy handgun. Blacks Bears OK, but Brown Bears......I'll pass.


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