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Optimum use of the X70 GB system for saltwater beach hunting.
Posted by: BarnacleBill
Date: January 29, 2008 07:31PM
As the X70 is a single frequency VLF, in order to maximize performance when saltwater hunting it is important to utilize all the tools the X70 has on board.

GB Modes:
Standard & Beach

GB Tracking: Standard(slow) & Beach(fast)

Real Time GB Tracking via the GB function while using Tracking mode. This is a very useful tool that should not be overlooked.

Upon arriving at a new beach for the first time there is some information you want to gather in regards to ground conditions to make the most of your time. This preliminary work will take all of five minutes but increase your chances of success. The exercise consists of using the Real Time GB readout & Tracking to map the GB transitions on the beach. At the same time, stable sensitivity levels can be determined and a quick survey of black sand conditions, plus other items like sand depth, shelving, exposed rocks etc.

We'll assume that you've done your noise cancel and are standing at the top of the beach in the dry sand area.

GB Mode = Standard
Sensitivity = 12
GB function is selected so that you can see the GB numbers.
Turn Tracking on and start walking towards the water.

Monitoring the GB numbers as you approach the first hints of moist sand near the first transition point, the Standard GB mode will run out of adjustment scale. At this point stop and switch to Beach Mode, but make a mental note of where this point is by looking up and down the beach for landmarks. Continue walking towards the water, but note the ball park GB numbers where damp turns to wet sand, and finally at the surf line. These GB signatures can give you a clue as to how high you will be able to run your sensitivity ultimately on different portions of the beach.

At the water line it is time to adjust the sensitivity as high as you can without falsing. This is the LOWEST sensitivity setting that will be needed on this beach unless you run into hot rocks or very thick mounds of black sand. Now start walking back towards the dry sand monitoring the GB numbers as they change. If you recall where jumps in GB occurred, stop and try to increase the sensitivity level higher while maintaining stability. You should make several of these stops on your way and ball park your position on the beach.

The above exercise will help you run sensitivity as high as possible. It's not complicated, a five minute stroll down to the water and back, that's it. And now you have a plan of attack for the X70's settings.


Re: Optimum use of the X70 GB system for saltwater beach hunting.
Posted by: Hard 2 Find
Date: January 29, 2008 08:48PM
:detecting:Could a person use this GB system when freshwater beach hunting?


Re: Optimum use of the X70 GB system for saltwater beach hunting.
Posted by: BarnacleBill
Date: January 29, 2008 09:00PM
Since there is no salt involved it isn't necessary to use Beach GB mode. But as far as surveying a site to see how the GB level changes with Standard GB mode, yes.


Good Info and one question!
Posted by: Joe Kononchik
Date: January 29, 2008 09:08PM
Thank you Bill.Just wondering what coil? I am going to try the 7.5 2d 10.5 tomorrow. The 18K coils are to hot and it sees the salt more so. The 3k is to low and does not see gold good so the 7.5 on wet salt beaches seems to work the best. I am hoping the 2d will work better.Good hunting,Joe

Re: Man it took me a week hunting that black sand beack to figuar that out. It was so bad I had to run track all the time and stable G/B to beach. :thumbup: Just would not work without all those things. Next time I am going to call you and Digger. :D: :D:N/T
Posted by: Tinfoil
Date: January 29, 2008 10:00PM

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Re: Good Info and one question!
Posted by: BarnacleBill
Date: January 29, 2008 11:10PM

If you read my post from last weekend it was the first time I had the 10.5 DD HF to a saltwater beach. In that post is a table showing that each coil is different on a beach, as expected. I don't have a 10.5DD MF so I have no experience with that coil.

The reason I made this latest post is because I noticed several new users doing some saltwater detecting and thought a method I use with the X70 might help them. I also own a CZ70, CZ20(8 inch) & CZ20(10 inch) which I use on the beach. For raw depth a PI or multi-freq will "generally" have better depth. But the X70 is the first detector I have ever used that will correctly ID small pieces of iron scale that come in with the big storms and ID as high coin on other detectors. On the X70 they will wrap around from -8 to 46 & 48. This saves a tremendous amount of digging(fatigue) & time. Hunting large beaches successfully is all about time management and coverage.

The other big advantage of the X70 is the ability to immediately go up and work the towel/blanket area and know that you can hit the small gold. Otherwise you end up with a two detector solution, swapping detectors to be most productive. If you're a serious saltwater hunter you're going to buy a multi-freq, but for someone that only occasionally does it and is mostly an inland hunter, you're not too under gunned with the X70.

I've said it before and I'll reiterate it again. You can saltwater beach hunt in the AM, trashy park hunt at noon, relic hunt in the afternoon, and finish the day prospecting with the X70. It doesn't keep up with specialized detectors in every instance, but take them out of their specialty area and it will mop the floor with them. There's been a lot of hype the last couple of years about various new releases, but nothing touches this machine for value and versatility. And the proof is in the variety of people that frequent this forum, coin hunters, park pirates, prospectors, relic hunters, waders etc. No other forum has the mix this one has because no other detector is as versatile. In the not too distant future the FAQ at the top of the forum will reach 5,000 hits, and that will be in less than a years time!

I look forward to hearing how you do with the MF DD as I may have to get one.


Great Post Bill. I have added it to the FAQFAQ.....
Posted by: Digger
Date: January 30, 2008 12:14AM
FAQFAQ - X70 section - Salt Water - Optimum use of the X70 GB system for saltwater beach hunting

Thanks for your continuing research on the X-Terra products. And for sharing the information with all of us. HH Randy

You'll never know for sure......unless you dig it! HH "Digger"

After more than 46-years of detecting, and having owned dozens of different detectors, I've come to the conclusion that maintaining success in the field is largely dependent on three things..... choice of site, acquiring a proper skill set for the detector and the detector itself..... in that order. Research, practice and persistence. There are no substitutes.

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