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Nugget Hunting Yesterday with X-Terra 70 (+ 2x HF coils)
Posted by: nero_design
Date: February 01, 2008 03:06AM

My friend gearing up with his equipment after we parked the car in the shade.

LOCATION: NSW Goldfields, Australia. January 2008
Back to the goldfields I went. This time armed with a few more tools, including my chum Robert. He's a big guy who's been a good buddy since my school days and he's taken an interest in detecting since I took him away with my wife on a trip to Sofala a few months ago. He uses a generic detector which was purchased locally and I suspect his has the "Standard" version of the Gold Snoop sometimes sold in department stores here. I was using the X-Terra 70 as usual. This land used to be private and has not been previously accessible to the public except in the last 20 years or so. Even then, it required a hard slog on foot to get into the hills to where we were headed.

We parked under a tree for shade in the 37

What a little beauty! ~$250AUD with today's prices. But the satisfaction...priceless!:super:N/T
Posted by: BarnacleBill
Date: February 01, 2008 07:25AM

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Re: Nugget Hunting Yesterday with X-Terra 70 (+ 2x HF coils)
Posted by: Ancient Dave
Date: February 01, 2008 08:05AM
Congrats on a beauty of a nugget. Thanks for taking the time to write this lengthy post, it was very interesting.


Re: Nugget Hunting Yesterday with X-Terra 70 (+ 2x HF coils)
Posted by: Steve in Idaho
Date: February 01, 2008 09:35AM
I always enjoy seeing a nice nugget that was found by a fellow gold prospector. I wish that I was there instead of looking at 2 feet of snow and at least 4 more months before I can get my X-70 out and hunt for gold.

Great pictures
Posted by: therover
Date: February 01, 2008 12:35PM
That made my day. Beautiful surroundings you were hunting in.

Fabulous Finds and StoryN/T
Posted by: Elton
Date: February 01, 2008 12:56PM

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Nice piece of gold..... and an excellent commentary. Thanks for the post! HHN/T
Posted by: Digger
Date: February 01, 2008 04:52PM

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You'll never know for sure......unless you dig it! HH "Digger"
After 45-years of detecting, and having owned dozens of different detectors, I've come to the conclusion that maintaining success in the field is largely dependent on three things..... choice of site, acquiring a proper skill set for the detector and the detector itself..... in that order. Research, practice and persistence. There are no substitutes.

Hahahah very intresting indeed.:smoke:N/T
Posted by: nugget71
Date: February 02, 2008 01:40AM

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Re: Nugget Hunting Yesterday with X-Terra 70 (+ 2x HF coils)
Posted by: Mick in Dubbo
Date: February 02, 2008 05:28AM
That looks like your best slug to date.
You sure do have an interesting time with nature. I was thinking about you earlier today when I was picking up a bunch of cat heads to throw into the bin. I was half tempted to post a picture of them hear just to show some of the little surprises that you can get when you go prospecting around Hill End bare foot. A big no no! I stepped on 3 of the little blighter's inside while bear foot. I'm awake now.:yikes:
i hope your friend gets an X-Terra 70, as there really isn't anything else out on the market that is cheaper for gold hunting. I don't know why the Gold Snoop is advertised as a gold hunter. The company doing that, is only hurting there reputation. $239 for the same detector that can be bought from a department store for $89 is not a clever move. I helped a guy out on a beach once that had one. It wouldn't go near wet sand. Alright on the dry stuff though.
Mick Evans.

"Cat heads", OK I'll bite, are you having the same kinda trouble I am with squirrels?:rofl:
Posted by: BarnacleBill
Date: February 02, 2008 06:18AM


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Re: Nugget Hunting Yesterday with X-Terra 70 (+ 2x HF coils)
Posted by: nero_design
Date: February 02, 2008 06:34AM
I'm guessing Nugget 71 recognizes my 'secret' location (Laughs). I think he lives out that way.
Having done a little research in the last day, it seems the ancient flood plain there is probably too deep to detect with the X-70 since gold tends to fall below the mud and soil until it hits the bedrock. We both spent a while detecting on the flat area and found nothing... probably for this very reason. I found the nugget whilst working down the slope and hit it just where the thicker soil was beginning to 'wash' up against the bedrock sticking out all over the mountain and hills. A few prospectors tell me that it seems to have been washed a distance.

/Still cleaning the ironstone & bits of quartzy stuff out of some of the pits with acid.

Re: Nugget Hunting Yesterday with X-Terra 70 (+ 2x HF coils)
Posted by: nero_design
Date: February 02, 2008 06:44AM
Hey Mick! I was in Hill End last month... is a Cat Head one of this long spined Cactus? I grabbed one in my fist when trying to climb a cliff with the X-70 in one hand near there in December near Sofala. The spines went all the way down to the bone! Took half an hour for the pain to subside.

I detected up at Hill End one afternoon but found it to be absolutely chock-a-block full of trash! So much trash I just couldn't understand how anyone could even attempt to prospect there in a serious quest for gold. Probably some private leases which would do well though. Most of the town is under a Parks Protection Order to prevent fossickers.

Technically, the Hill End river feeds into the Turon river if I remember. And the creek I was prospecting on also feeds into the Turon indirectly.
I'll pop a message in a bottle next time and throw it in!

Re: Nugget Hunting Yesterday with X-Terra 70 (+ 2x HF coils)
Posted by: robert roy
Date: February 02, 2008 10:05AM
Wow. Nice story and great pictures.
I have only one question: Arn't you the least bit nervous
walking around in tall grass with all those snakes you guys
have down there? I mean you got some real killers down there.

Robert R

Re: Nugget Hunting Yesterday with X-Terra 70 (+ 2x HF coils)
Posted by: nero_design
Date: February 02, 2008 07:07PM
Re: Question regarding Snakes in the Grass

Yes I was. I was more nervous thinking about it before I got to the location because I saw the tail of an Eastern Brown Snake disappearing into the rocks about 40 meters away from where we detected only a week earlier. The brown snake is a particulalrly aggressive snake with a venom so potent that the odds of survival are a little slim unless you use a pressure bandage and get antivenin within minutes. It's venom is 12 times more toxic than the Indian Cobra which claims 200,000 lived per year in India & Sri Lanka. I used to catch cobras in Sri Lanka when I visited the region at the age of 17. Most bites from the Eastern Brown Snake are deadly unless treated within 5 minutes. We walk heavily when detecting and I feel somewhat secure with the coil a few feet ahead of my feet. I keep a pressure bandage in my pack at all times and always detect with a 2-way radio and a plan should one of us get bitten. The limb must be immobilized and the victim (in my opinion) should be dragged to the vehicle and then driven within range of telephone signals or to a gas station. I believe the Brown Snake venom contains 30% coagulant mixtures which turns your blood into molasses and triggers renal failure and heart attack. The other deadly snake in the area is the Red Bellied Black Snake which is very fond of the water as it eats frogs and water lizards. The venom of the Red Belly is quite different to the Brown Snake and triggers necrosis (instant tissue dissolve) as well as triggering the loss of either sight, color, taste or touch.

Brown snakes are a large snake and the Prospector who sold me my X-Terra swears he was chased by one when prospecting once. Locals tell me they travel in pairs with a mate and that they show spiteful behavior when interaction with humans occurs. I spoke to a snake handler last year who had lost a finger from a snake bite when necrosis set in after he arrived at the hospital. I was with him when he was handling one and it started the climb the inside of his pant leg. This guy had been bitten 14 times by snakes and was literally across the road from the largest hospital in Australia in a park and yet he was genuinely frightened. I've been trying to photograph the snakes of the region for a book on detecting but so far have only encountered the snakes when I've left the camera with my wife to use. May last trip with her I almost trod on a Red Bellied Black Snake which is another snake here which claimed a lot of lives on the Goldfields back in the 1800's.

Re: Nugget Hunting Yesterday with X-Terra 70 (+ 2x HF coils)
Posted by: Mick in Dubbo
Date: February 02, 2008 10:54PM
I talked to a snake handler a few months back about our snakes. A couple of useful pointers for you. When they bite, 90% of the time, they don't inject venom. Also, if you are unlucky enough that you do get bitten, immediately a apply a pressure bandage to the whole limb, AND DON"T MOVE AROUND! Venom is not injected into the blood stream , but the lymph system. Provided you stay calm and remain still (lying down) you can survive for many hours, without too much ill effect. (he told me of a chap who was fine for 18 hours after being bitten, before recieving help when this was applied) If you move around, you will be dead in minutes!
He also indicated that snakes are not aggressive. I pointed out to him about the tiger snakes, but he said that although they can lunge at you, when they are surprised, generally they will not attacked unless provoked.. Most of our worst snakes have small fangs, so will have trouble penetrating thick pants and leather boots.They can go up pants though, so gaters might be a good idea.
Mick Evans.

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