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X705 Ground Balance Tracking Offset
Posted by: BarnacleBill
Date: April 07, 2009 07:04AM
Many people like to manually offset their GB setting even if they use the Auto-GB function initially. They feel it provides better stability in certain ground types and offers a bit better Disc capability by doing so. Only a handful of detectors on the market allow one to offset the GB number while using the GB Tracking mode. The X705 allows you to apply a (+) or (-) 15 point setting to the Tracking mode. Therefore if the internal processor would say normally be tracking the ground at 30, then by setting the offset to (+) 10, the X705 will track at 40. There is an inhibit in the software that will not permit you to track out beyond the normal GB range. i.e. Let's say without any offset applied the X705 is tracking at 6, then you apply a (-) 10 offset, it will not go below zero(0) to a (-)4. The offset is going to be a tool able to be applied in certain situations where it's going to improve performance dramatically, other times it will not be able to be used at all, and other times it won't really matter either way. Therefore on variable soils with certain mixes like hot gravels, hot rocks etc. it will have a use, whereas on inert soils it will not really provide any use. It's going to be a tool like a spanner wrench, you may not use it much, but when you need it, you really need it!


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