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Who knows?
Posted by: Wile.E
Date: October 22, 2011 11:31AM
Just wondering if anyone can tell me any good and bad about vintage gold mountain V.I.P detector including khz it operates at.Any info. much appreciated guys!

Re: Who knows?
Posted by: Sven
Date: October 24, 2011 04:35AM
Field Test, Catalog download at my website:

Similar to the Phantom, D-tex SK, and Garrett Master Hunter ADS
5.5khz. When D-tex Bill Mahn's son tool over Gold Mountain, D-tex parts went with him.
If it has a 4 pin connector, Garrett ADS coils should work with it.
I have never owned this particular model VIP.
Spotted one on Craigs List for $50.00 near where I used to live, seller never responded back.
Monte used to used one for years.

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The Gold Mountain VIP and VIP Deluxe.
Posted by: Monte
Date: October 24, 2011 07:31PM
Just wondering if anyone can tell me any good and bad about vintage gold mountain V.I.P detector including kHz it operates at.Any info. much appreciated guys!
The BAD: It is gone. :(

It was an excellent VLF/TR-Disc. detector, for those of us who enjoy/enjoyed that early circuitry design, and rivaled the Garrett GroundHog that was out at the time, and the D-Tex Coin king and other similar 15 kHz models (that being the operating frequency of the VIP).

Compared with today's modern motion-based discriminators, it would be considered more difficult to learn and master because the TR-Disc. mode was reactive to changes in coil-to-ground relationship.

While the extended upper curved rod did add the the VIP's handling ability, it still didn't have the feel of modern models with an arm-cup or 'S' rod configuration. It was heavier and a little more challenging to use for any period of time compared with most modern models.

Even though the All Metal VLF Ground Balanced mode could produce good depth of detection, the customary search mode for most coin hunting hobbyists was the Discriminate mode and it wouldn't get the depth on in-ground targets most of today's models will.

Those early detector designs lacked modern target ID and VDI numeric read-outs that are almost a 'must-have' in the industry these days.

The GOOD: It was my personal favorite VLF/TR-Disc. model of them all.

It balanced well enough for me, and it had a nice variable Tone control so I could adjust the output tone for my hearing and headphone choice.

Those good TR-Disc. models provided us with what I call "True Progressive Discrimination," and that means they would cleanly reject some annoying iron trash like the crown-type bottle caps that give most modern motion-based discriminators fits!

The Gold Mountain VIP came with the 7" coil, and the VIP Deluxe was simply the same detector in a 2-coil package that included a nice, thin profile 10" coil.

Too many older detectors got abused, and I don't like my stuff all beat up. I'm picky that way. Also, so many older models either just wore out or were eventually traded, given to a donation source, or have simply vanished to the garbage dump. They are not the highest value detector out there, but if you know where I can find a clean, not too blemished Gold Mountain VIP or VIP Deluxe for a fair and reasonable price, shoot me an e-mail:

I want to add a nice specimen to my personal den collection, and be able to use it in a seminar to show folks what we had to put up with 30+ years ago.


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Re: Who knows?
Posted by: Wile.E
Date: October 24, 2011 07:50PM
Thanks Sven, drug my feet and missed oppurtunity. This one was nice,had 2 coils 75.00 Love them vintage detectors but never have had Gold mountain yet. Thought I have read at sometime that one of gold mountain machines was 15 khz and would even take groundhog coils.probably good that one passed by . Was thinking ah-hah another machine I can use my groundhog coils on visa-versa.Did they make a machine that you know of that was 15khz? Thank you for the info. you provided. really appreciate .

Re: Who knows?
Posted by: Wile.E
Date: October 24, 2011 08:47PM
Thanks monte for the excellent info..Very helpful.Replied to Svens post to me and didnt even see your post. Guess I didnt scroll down.Anyhow, I drug my feet on that deal and it passed me by.However it did have the 10" coil and 7, wasnt bad shape for age anyway. As I said on my post to Sven, I thought that I had read somewhere, sometime that gold mountain had made a machine about same time period as groundhog and coils from either would work on either machine.This is part reason I was interested in machine but wasnt sure if it was the model I thought I had read about at some point. Have had and still have groundhog with several co-planar coils.That was my thoughts when I ran across the gold mountain to have 2 vintage 15khz machines with interchane coils. Do have a garrett AM2 in excellent shape that also has groundhog 15 khz coplanar that hasnt been altared in anyway but has a different plug pin configuration and will not plug up to hog. Would you know whats up with that?

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