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Anyone ever use a Bounty Hunter Automatic 8400?
Posted by: Daddy
Date: July 24, 2015 03:34PM
I'm wondering how it performed. My first machine was an 840 and I remember it as being pretty but with not so great performance. Reason for asking is because someone local is selling one, in like new condition.

Thanks - Daddy

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Re: Anyone ever use a Bounty Hunter Automatic 8400?
Posted by: Tallon
Date: September 22, 2015 06:12AM
I know the VLF840 was tricky to get ground-balanced but when it was and is (in good shape of course), it will still pick up very small items and single items next to trash that other detectors, even newer modern detectors can miss. The BH VLF840 can find quarters at approximately 11-12" deep by the way. Anyways, I believe the 8400 is either a step up in performance and(or) in features and(or) usability. Can't speak with certainty on the 8400 though as I've never used one. Tried to bid on one but wasn't able to submit a final bid. Needless to say, someone else 'got the booty', LOL. PS; By the way people are unwise to pass up old T/R VLF types like these as they can be almost stopped right over even a deep target and still be pinpointing the target exactly right where it is in the ground. The earlier T/Rs were even easier than that as many were non-motion. Before that even, the old BFOs weren't deep but they did not have to move to detect the target with surgical, pinpoint precision.:detecting:

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