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Re: Vintage White's Metal Detector Best
Posted by: Wayfarer
Date: January 28, 2018 08:24AM
I'd have to go with the XL Pro as the best White's analog machine. I've had almost all the other machines mentioned in this thread, and they are all great machines, but the XL Pro brought all the improvements together. The circuitry was perfected, using high quality surface mount components that are more reliable and quieter. Swing speed is just slower so you don't have to whip it like a golf club to get good depth like you do the earlier machines. The smaller box is easier to swing and uses the same AA battery holder as the V3i and the other newer machines. It would be nice if it had manual ground balance like the 5900, but I'll take the smaller lighter design of the XL Pro over the 5900 any day, worth the tradeoff of not having manual ground balance. Plus, if you know the machine, you can "trick" the auto balance into doing what you want anyway. And the XL Pro has the great analog meter and all the knobs in all the right places. I'll never part with mine.

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Re: Vintage White's Metal Detector Best
Posted by:
Date: April 14, 2018 08:43PM
still looking for a whites 5900 di pro sl

Posted by: Digger
Date: April 18, 2018 12:09PM
The whole 6.592 kHz series were excellent. Probably never been a better discriminating detector ever made. And sensitive! I like to hunt old home sites that are now farm fields. I can take my XLPro down the rows and it will sniff out coins before the coil even gets directly over them. Add that to a forgiving sweep speed and you have an excellent choice for coin shooters and relic hunters alike. I bought three XLPro's new when I heard they were going to stop making them in 2009. My brother got one, I use one and the other one had been saved as a backup. Just last night I listed it for sale on the Detector Classifieds. Hate to part with it, but after 9 years of having it as a backup, I realized I don't need two of them. HH Randy

You'll never know for sure......unless you dig it! HH "Digger"

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