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Golden sabre
Posted by: Nickleman
Date: March 11, 2017 06:54AM
I used to metal detect years ago had a golden sabre i want to get back to metal detecting .thinking about the tesoro golden umax .what are the improvements compared to the old golden sabre ? Thanks

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Posted by: vlad
Date: March 17, 2017 12:00AM
Ask, Monte--probably knows Tesoro line better than any.

Re: Golden sabre
Posted by: Herb Jones
Date: April 30, 2017 12:42AM
The Golden uMAX is no longer being produced, so used is your only option. I have checked all over, and just don't see many being sold and those that are go for a premium... one on @#$%& right now for something like $450., so if you come across one in decent shape from someone trustworthy, I'd snag it if the price were right... but @$450 I think I'd be looking at other potions. I have had an add in the classified section here for a few days, and the closest I've come was a nicely notch modified compadre. So if you are set on the GuM, be ready if one pops up, and fwiw it seems as though the high tone version is especially desirable. As to the comparison to the golden saber, I have no idea. But I agree with vlad... I'll det monte could shed some light.

Re: Golden sabre
Posted by: Arthur-Canada
Date: September 19, 2017 02:40PM
One for sale right here right now. I love the one I have and vacuums up silver like crazy!;md=read;id=233246

Nickleman, did you find a Golden Sabre yet, and which version?
Posted by: Monte
Date: December 02, 2017 10:18AM
I used to use almost all of the Tesoro products from mid-'83 until November of '04 when I quit being a Tesoro Dealer, and the Golden Sabre 'series' used to be excellent producers when Coin Hunting. Of course, part of the credit for that is back in the latter '80s and into when the last Golden Sabre version was made, there was still a lot of coin-finding opportunities out there.

There were three Golden Sabre labeled models and I'm not sure which model you had or the period of time you were using it.

The 'original' Golden Sabre was produced from 2/'85 to 2/'92 and had the control housing mounted on top of the operating rod. The main thing it lacked from the following models was the 2-Tone Audio. When it was released the Royal Sabre followed in 4/'86 thru 9/89 and it had a little more in features and introduced the 2-Tone audio that helped with the Notch Disc. circuitry performance.

The 2nd Golden Sabre model was the Golden Sabre Plus, made from 3/'89 also through 2/'92, and it had an under-slung control housing and featured the Dual-Tone audio. It was also a bit unique as it was the only Tesoro designed to operate at 15 kHz.

The 3rd Golden Sabre II was produced from 7/'92 to 5/'99 and it also offered Notch capability with the 2-Tone audio feature. It differed from the first two Golden Sabre's as they were in the metal housing, but the Golden Sabre II used the ABS plastic housing like the Pantera. Matter of fact, the Golden Sabre II IS a Pantera, but with the circuitry modified from a the manual GB Pantera to be a turn-on-and-go factory preset GB in the Golden Sabre II, just like the other Golden Sabre versions.

Also different with the Golden Sabre II was that it used the ED-120 Discriminate circuitry which provided a lower Discriminate setting than the other versions and that gave better detection of thin, low-conductive targets like thin gold rings, gold chains, etc.

By the way, as mentioned that model was based on the Pantera, introduced in 7/'90 but like the first two Golden Sabre models, it also saw the end-of-production in 2/'92 as did the Toltec 80.

The Golden ┬ÁMAX (microMAX) was a completely different detector. As mentioned, there were two versions and both were discontinued. To me, those I had suffered from some glitches that, it appears, they just couldn't work out, plus in today's market they were priced in a bracket with a lot of competition against more featured products.

If you haven't found a clean, good-working Golden Sabre, let me know as I have a friend who had one for sale recently and might still have it around.


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