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Personally would love to have an X-100 with a 16" loop.
Posted by: vlad
Date: January 16, 2018 02:25PM
A monster then..........and now (that loop is super-lite.)
It will hit the deep "vintage" coins. :cheers:

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Two meters parallel with Mark 1
Posted by: Old California
Date: January 16, 2018 09:46PM
Hello Dwayne,

Thanks Dwayne and hope all is well with you. I've experimented running two analog meters parallel to see what the results are, both ID incorrectly and I stopped there. These were with the Mark 1.

Now an LED and an analog parallel, I'm not sure if that will give the same results as I did running two analog parallel? Frank Sanders may have an answer, if he doesn't see this post I'll forward an email to him in a few days.

Plus, I think Frank may have the LED information you're looking for. He's currently in the process of moving, but he'll gladly share what he knows with you when he can.

If I don't hear from him, I'll forward you (pm) his email in a few days.

Good luck, keep us posted.


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Re: Two meters parallel with Mark 1
Posted by: This Dwayne
Date: January 17, 2018 01:43PM

Thanks for the info. Looking forward for any Mark 1 Mods I can find. Keep you posted on any new info.


Re: Is the interest in vintage metal detectors on the decline?
Posted by: Texadillo
Date: January 20, 2018 01:42PM
These detectors today are very nice for the most part... especially the ones lighter in design along with todays component technology advances. If I was just starting the hobby I would more than likely be purchasing todays technology. With that said (and there are exceptions!) I have read more than once or twice that MOST desirable targets are found from surface to around 6" in depth. There are many vintage detectors out there that can still find the goodies IF you swing the coil over them. I'm not sayin that yesterdays detectors are better... but they are still today certainly capable of making awesome finds! Most models were heavy but they were built like the older cars of yesteryear...SOLID with style :thumbup:

Experiencing the adventure a lot of times will be your best find!

Re: Is the interest in vintage metal detectors on the decline?
Posted by: This Dwayne
Date: January 22, 2018 08:27PM
I recently acquired a vintage Dtex detector and i cannot find a model, year. or any info on the web. Thought you might can identify it for me. Dtex "Rebel" has the confederate flag decal on each side. Two coils, solid plastic that are 7" and 14". Says "rebel 1" on front side and serial #: R1 01238 on stamped metal plate. Schematic would be great to have. It has a 1 1/2" vernier tuning pot on the rear side also.


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