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Does anyone recall the BFO made in the VLF range?....
Posted by: Joe(TX)
Date: January 05, 2018 01:56PM
I came across this in one of the other threads but it was titled "Does anyone recall the BFO made in Louisianna that worked in the VLF range?" I did some research and this is what I found out. There was a BFO that ran at 10KHZ which is in the VLF range but it was made in New Mexico by BCE, Inc. It was called the model BLF. In the ads it said..."Variable discrimination control, tuning on the end of the handle, excellent ground depth even in pulltab discrimination." I have never seen one except for the old ads in the Treasure magazines. I contacted Carl Moreland who has one of the largest vintage metal detector collections that I know of and he said the same thing. Never seen one just knew of the advertising in the old treasure mags. He made a modified version of this detector and got it running on his work bench and he said that it was not worth making. The depth would be no better than the old Garrett Hunter BFO. I was thinking about getting one made since I really like the old BFO's but on this comment by Carl decided that was a wrong avenue to pursue. Anyway if I want to play with a BFO I can get out my Sidewinder and Hunter. There was a BFO detector made in Louisianna that was called the Selectmatic made by Treasurelectronics and discrimination was done on the meter but was NOT in the VLF range. Not sure what the KHZ range was but most of the BFO's or at least the Garrett's were around 288KHZ. That is all that I know for now. Will post some pics of the ads for the BLF and Selectmatic metal detectors soon.

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As I recall from the treasure mags of late 70's & '80's
Posted by: vlad
Date: January 16, 2018 02:34PM
the Louisiana company is the only one to state they had a BFO in the VLF freq range.
(I recall Charles Garrett stating that had been tried earlier with dismal results...VLF-TR Detector's Handbook?)
Bet you Ty Brook at WET would recall.

Re: Does anyone recall the BFO made in the VLF range?....
Posted by: Melbeta
Date: March 24, 2018 03:27PM
ECE Inc made the VLF BFO, it was called ECE BLF, and was made in Belen NM. There was no VLF BFO made in Louisiana. The BLF sold for $199.50 postpaid. I have its advertisement.

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