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Re: Vintage Roach / Semtech Detectors Found
Posted by: roboworm
Date: April 20, 2018 08:58PM
Ok Tom, Paul. Yeah I’m new to forums in general. Sorry for the mistake. Will be in touch.

Re: Vintage Roach / Semtech Detectors Found
Posted by: Tom_in_CA
Date: April 22, 2018 10:58AM
Old California
.... suppose to get with El to give him quick lessons with the Equinox. ....

I only had a couple of days on the Equinox (I got one of the early ones that got shipped out). And didn't care for it in the turf (when compared to the Explorer). But I did have fun with it in the dry sand at the foot of Ocean Ave @ Carmel beach. Even got a few wheaties and silver with it. In the couple of hours I messed with it, I got a good feel for it, in that one particular venue.

It turns out I'm meeting with another Nox user there this coming Thursday. I will see if El wants to join us. And I can show him my settings that I'd arrived at. And show him some flagged signals. Of course, this would be specific for *just* that type hunting. Not for turf, or relicky ghost town, etc....

later, Tom

Re: Vintage Roach / Semtech Detectors Found
Posted by: Joe(TX)
Date: July 18, 2018 01:09PM
OK....from reading all of the posts and it looks like the voltage used to fire this detector up was 12 volts. That is wrong...I know for a fact that the original detector called for a 7.5 volt mercury battery. This battery is probably obsolete by somone should be able to wire up voltage from 5 AA batteries to get the required 7.5 volts. The 12 volts is just too much battery power and will over time cause a short circuit. I played with one of these for a while ...I think that it was in 76 or 77....I almost bought a used one in the early 80's....probably 81 or 82....even then those 7.5 volt batteries were hard to that was one of the reasons that I did not purchase it plus still wanted a lot of money in 80's currency!!

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